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Idaho: It’s Not Just About Them Taters

Don’t go to Idaho, they say. There’s nothing there but their damned potatoes. There’s not much you can do except ski, snow tube, snowboard to your heart’s content; or walk around artsy downtown Boise for the modern feel or Idaho City for the older, more authentic one; or visit the State Penn amongst many museums; or swim in the … [Read More...]

All Over The Place


What To Do

So I cried again, for the nth time since I first arrived in India. I didn’t want to but I couldn’t help it. India …


Why I Continue Travelling

People ask me why I could never seem to stay put, why I entertain that constant itch to travel even if it meant leaving …


Thou Art Fair-bulous!

A week ago, I was given the opportunity to sell more of my postcards in an Art Fair and I was ecstatic! This was going …

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Tips and Know Hows


How I Kicked-Start My Blog With New Initiatives But Whacked It With The Old-School Way

As far as I can remember, I have been writing my thoughts since I was 10 years old. Nope, my parents never brought me a …


Ube Ice Cream Anyone? A Homemade How To

One of the perks of vacationing in an island is learning a skill without really planning to. Other than learning the …

Failed Relationships

Whatever Happened To Forever? 6 Things We Need To Know

After having the usual lengthy phone patch with my bestfriend last weekend, I was able to list down four possible blog …

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Saturdays with Iko


Pai: My Neverland

This was where my feet took me after months of arguing with my pride – Pai, Thailand. I discovered then what ‘love …


Udaipur: Lemons to Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, what do you do again? Oh yeah, make a pitcher of lemonade. My pitcher is an hour’s worth …

Malacca, Malaysia while photowalking with Iko

Melaka: One Fine Day

Because I was determined to explore as much of Malaysia while the flood was still drowning Bangkok, I ended going on a …

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Postcards from Everywhere

Finland Postcard

Finnish Anyone? Finland

My fourth postcard was from Arma, a girl working as an office secretary in Helsinki, Finland. She wrote a very short …


Travelling Souvenir: UK

The fifth postcard I received was from Joanna – a 21 year old med student in the University of Bristol who was from …


Meeting Other Teachers: The Netherlands

The moment I saw my next postcard, I fell in love with it. I ogled over it first before reading the note at the back. It …

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All Other Anythings

Hairy Women

It’s A Hairy Story

I have been meaning to write about my pre-birthday experience but have prolonged it because I honestly didn’t know how …

Pissed-off Den

Tiger Airways Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack

When Ed and I were searching for my flight back to the Philippines about two months ago, we were ecstatic to have …

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Bread and Butter


The ‘Overseas Employment Certificate’ Drama

I never imagined that getting an OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) was even harder than what I originally …

Contract Discussion

On Contracts: It’s All About What You Want

In light of what recently happened, I decided to write this article about what people should check before signing their …

DFA Philippines

Seriously, DFA? Seriously?

A few days ago, I have decided not to write about my recent (horrid) DFA experience and focus on vegetables instead when …

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Things That Matter


What To Do

So I cried again, for the nth time since I first arrived in India. I didn’t want to but I couldn’t help it. India …

Den's Postcard

Handmade Postcards For A Cause

I have finally started my fundraising initiative after months of deliberating on what project I was going to sink my …


We Are Not Dead Ends

When I was in third year high school, I thought that it was the end of the world. Well, my world at least. I was …

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Friends, Lovers and Strangers

Mama and Me

Cynthia: The Not So Ordinary Mother

Because it’s mother’s day here in Thailand, I decided to write about that crazy lady who have turned my world …

Doi Domasian

Doi: The Travelling Feet

Meet Doi. 30-something who quit being a corporate junkie two years ago so she can do the things she loves doing – …

Robin Cases Jr

Robin: The Best Friend

Amongst all of them, no one set the bar higher than acquaintance turned best friend, turned boyfriend, then turned back …

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