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About the writer:

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People still refer to me as one with an ‘erratic’ nature while some delicately phrase it as ‘indecisive,’ however, I still like to refer to myself as ‘spirited.’ I like to think that I am comparable to water, unstructured and boundless.  I dislike being confined and I have limited tolerance for ideas suggested to restrict or control my course. Trust me when I say that I tried that once. What happened, if you might ask. What happened was “I crashed and burned.”

My friends call me ‘the vigorous traveler,” and until recently, I have always depended on getting a job first in some part of the globe before I can embark on new jaunts. Oh yes, I have tried different kinds of jobs, from the most reputable all the way to the most mundane. My job-hopping stints have allowed me to live in different parts of the world which I never thought I could actually do. Trick of the trade (or trades) – I was never choosy.

I’m a believer of small things; of things that grow; of second, third, and nth chances; of thoughts that nest on an uncouth patch of land; of doors and windows which lead to adventures that make a difference. I am an advocate of change. I should be. I am proof of the consistency of impermanence. For me – anything can happen, any way is possible, anybody can be a catalyst, and everyone is entitled to change their minds.

Den Ramonal

People oversimplify me by recounting my well-rounded nature with one notion  – “the dancer who was always on the run” but I believe I am a lot of things. Performing Artist. Teacher. Lifesaver. Writer-Researcher. Collector. Storyteller. A sometime-Scrooge. Avid Reader. Wellness instructor. Travel Junkie. Rebel.  Technological Cave Woman. Inexperienced Lover. Daydreamer. Homemaker.

About the blog:

Merely, personal accounts while hopping from one country to another. If you love to travel but you’re not fearless nor privileged enough to risk doing it full-time, then I hope that my accounts will be of help. I will take you to all the places I have discovered. I will happily share all the silly adventures I have had, ideas that pushed me to make decisions, visa dilemmas I have confronted, jobs I have tried,  deals I stumbled on, lessons I have learned, amongst others. Heck, I will even introduce you to all the interesting people I have met.

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