Davao Burger Challenge

It all started a year ago when my personal facebook account was still alive and I can still exchange banters with my closest friends over the most elementary of stuff. On one particular day, I was doing the usual salivation over my favorite food – burger. No, I’m not talking about the “walking” … [Read more...]

Contemplating Bahrain

Apparently in 2005, a name which I have not stumbled upon for a long time now had graced my journal one too many times. I wanted to make my first entry in my Notes and Scribbles page to feature the first travel poem I wrote and disappointingly, it was this one. I honestly did not want to immortalize … [Read more...]


Pre-loved, a classier way of referring to something that belonged to someone else before you got your hands on it. This can be anything – books, clothes, shoes, furniture, all sorts of knick-knacks. They are called other names too like second-hand, junkyard bargains, garage sale treasures, salvation … [Read more...]


There's nothing scarier than a love gone wrong. You know this because you have seen it too. We have all seen that uglier side of ourselves - how we succumbed to desperation which will then be accented by anger and hope; introducing us to what we thought were impossibilities and giving us new, … [Read more...]

Hurrah Is Spelled Quattro

Day 4 of my facebook sobriety and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. When I made a decision to stop going online in facebook a few days ago, I was determined to walk the talk. 4 days sober!!! In the past, you would probably catch me announcing that I was not going to be checking my account for a … [Read more...]