Sign Off

So it’s 2017 and I am staring at my blog with the serious thought of getting rid of it like how I got rid of my Facebook account.

I ask myself why am I still keeping this blog anyway? I don’t update it as often as I update the Facebook fanpage (that too remains questionable now that my personal account is kaput). The last article I posted was in October of last year. I can just easily maintain the Facebook fanpage and just write my thoughts there. Less troublesome, less pressure of needing to comply with a writing niche usually irritatingly suggested for websites, and less need to understand website maintenance tools and updates.

I have 268 followers and out of that 268, I can confidently say that about 38 of them find the time to read the nonsense I write about (family is already included in that count). Or maybe I am being too generous with myself. Okay, just to play it safe, maybe 30 and I can hardly imagine that count even reaching 400 if I continue writing until this year ends.

The truth is, I am drained and right now this is what I really want.

Right now, I do not want to write blog articles anymore, be it my weekly and monthly drama or my recent adventure somewhere, and then posting them in this shit of a website. Right now, I do not want to study the tools in my dashboard that are supposed to help me increase the traffic and improve my website’s rating. Right now, I do not want to pressure myself of  needing to write about a trip which I still have not gotten around to doing, despite the free time I have. Right now, I just want to disappear in my own little world and have a little party in my head where no one else is invited but myself.

So this is me signing off.

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