10 Life Lessons You Will Learn From Moving Your Ass

For those who have been underestimating the capacity of sports, games, or physical education in an individual’s growth, this very short article is for you. You may be one of those who find all lessons that require your body to move to be completely irrelevant or one of those who just don’t care; but whichever you are, there are things that you need to know. You might actually just appreciate a thing or two after you’re done reading this.

Here are 10 life lessons I have learned from all the corporal activities I have enjoyed.

1. From Muay Thai

muay thai

Never close your eyes when you see blows coming. Guards up. Stay on your toes. Head slightly bowed but always keep your eyes focused on your opponent.

2. From Taekwondo


Stick to the rules. Use your hands and feet. Hit the target and not anything else as it will be a point against you if you do the latter; in short, don’t cheat.

3. From Running


Don’t be in a hurry to get to the finish line or else you’ll end up using all your energy too soon. Go easy in the beginning and gear up for the last leg. Take longer strides at your own pace.

4. From Swimming


Wear the necessities. Breathe in when you’re above water. Stick to the stroke where you are strongest. Slice through water by keeping a straight path and never looking elsewhere.

5. From Dancing


The basics are your foundation, never take them for granted. Practice, practice, practice. Keep your chin up. Find a focal point when you do your turns. Be flexible.

6. From Basketball


Keep dribbling that ball and don’t ever be caught not doing so. Don’t pass the ball if you’re not ready or when your teammate is not ready. Shoot if you believe you can.

7. From Badminton


Serve when it’s your turn. Chasse step, jump, skip, shuffle, glide, and lunge if need be. Hold your racket up in front of your body and reach for that shuttle as fast as you can muster.

8. From Patintero


Never leave your line. Work as a team and cover each other. Protect your post and do not let the opposing team pass. Expand your reach by keeping your arms wide open.

9. From Playing Tag


Run like hell. Don’t let the ‘it’ player outrun you. If you are caught, accept your defeat and take your turn. Stop if you’re tired but don’t ever give up while you are still the ‘it’ in the game.

10. From Biking and Cycling


Find your balance and pedal. Don’t let go. Choose tracks or trails that you know you can follow and complete. Keep away from the danger zone. Stay on the safe side. Be alert.

So, did you learn anything. Yes, YOU — I’m talking to you. Stop looking around. Log out and do something that requires your body to move.

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