5 Things I Love About Sydney

Where was I? I know I was supposed to continue writing about my favorite place n Australia but I’m trying to remember how I ended it in my last article. Ah yes… Oh Sydney, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

1. Have I mentioned how reliable the buses and trains are here? If I have in my last article then I apologize but please take note that this goes to show that I truly meant what I have written. Travelling has never been made so easy like how the NSW public transport information  did it.

nsw transport

2. I know why the Sydney Opera House is considered the perfect spot. It is not just because the Sydney Opera House is the famous landmark of NSW but also because of the other attractions that will mesmerize you while you are there. If you strategically position yourself with the landmark behind you, you will also see the Harbour Bridge on your right, hundreds of sailboats manned by happy Aussies on your left, the Circular Quay in front which refused to be overwhelmed by the magnificent skyscrapers that threatened to upstage it.

sydney opera house

3. It is a well know fact amongst my friends that even when I am travelling, I am still finishing reports and articles so at one point I decided to visit the NSW State Library and check out their references. I thought, “It would be great to see what it looked inside and get some work done too.” Well excuse me for being a geek but I think I died. (I know, I know there might be better, bigger, even thrice as grand libraries in the world so just shut it.) If we had libraries like this in college, I would have actually done more reading instead of sleeping.


4. This should be in the #1 slot really but I just did not want my readers to think that I have spent my time ogling over the gorgeous, well-buffed men of Sydney. So you see these well-toned burgers running around the city, sweating like crazy because fitness is mandatory here but when they ask you out for coffee or dinner, they are dreamboats and clean up real good.


5. Sure, the waters were shark-infested but it was divinely aquamarine like how I imagined, like how the telly made it look like, like how my bragging Aussie friends described it. The beaches were not like the ones back home and it was perfect.


Don’t get me wrong, I have many reasons why I love Sydney but these top my LOVE list. I will just mention my other reasons some other time.

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