8 Things You Should Stop Doing After A Break-Up

Yup, this is another cliché article about how chicks should move forward after their supposed lovers ripped their hearts and decided to make doormats out of them (Thank God I didn’t write this two years ago or else this would have been too dramatic); but then you know the real purpose of clichés, right? Clichés are our reminders. If not ours, then they will be someone else’s warnings. So suck it up.

Here are the things that you need to stop doing after a break-up:

1. Stop Parading Your Body Like A Freakin’ FHM Model

Stop 1

I don’t know if you have observed it but broken-hearted chicks have the tendency to go flaunting their bodies after getting dumped. I have had the unfortunate opportunity to watch some of my friends take photos of themselves wearing barely-there bikinis or strutting their goods in the skimpiest outfits and posting them in social networks like Facebook and Instagram. What the hell, ladies? You are beautiful and if the jerks who dumped you can’t see that, then stop trying to get their attention. Trust me, their dicks are just not worth the effort.

No, I’m not a frigid b*tch and I don’t have a problem with wearing bikinis or outfits that may be too sexy for my own good. What I have a problem about is wearing them to impress someone who obviously just don’t care. My point is, if you want to wear them – go ahead and wear them if you feel like it; but wear them because you’re doing it for yourself and not because you want to prove something to someone.

2. Stop Communicating With Him

Stop 2

Pestering your ex with constant phone calls or text messages will only make things worst. Whatever affection he still has left for you will evolve into pity; then if you continue to insist on doing this, it will turn into irritation or anger. It’s painful, I know. Obviously, it’s not that easy for us to let go of things or people who we have grown attached to; but we just have to. It is over and we have to learn to digest this fact and move on.

Some people can move on without deleting any form of information; but for others, erasing every inch of the person’s memory is deemed more helpful. You know what they say, “to each his own.”  Whatever works, just do it and do it immediately. If for instance, you decide to erase his number or email but found out that you have memorized them by heart, then just breathe. Don’t knock yourself out nor go through the crazy phase of jumbling numbers because it’s not going to work. Give yourself time. You’ll amaze yourself one day when you will suddenly realize that you can’t remember the numbers or email address anymore. When that happens, congratulate yourself for you have officially moved on.

There will also be instances when he might even try to communicate with you. Think nothing of it and don’t fall into the trap. He made his bed so let him lie on it.

3. Stop Stalking

Stop 3

Enough lurking around. You won’t accomplish anything if you continue checking his profile in Facebook and subscribing to his daily status updates. Sure, you’ll get to see the sleazebag’s face but you’ll also see what he has been up to. Do you really want to give yourself a heart attack every time you see his relationship status change or every time he posts a comment on another chick’s account? Spare yourself the agony and slap yourself every time you find your fingers typing his name in the search tab.

4. Stop Yourself From Going To The Salon

Stop 4

Some guys say that the easiest way to spot a broken-hearted girlfriend is when she is sporting a new hairdo. Somehow there is some truth to this. I understand the importance of ‘change’ for moments like this and the hair is the only thing that we can drastically change without physically hurting ourselves, but please retrace your steps. Don’t go to your hairstylist just yet.

You must be wondering what the big fuss is. The big fuss is, impulsive decisions often go hand-in-hand with regrets. Sometimes, because we were not thinking clearly, we end up rooting for hairstyles that we usually don’t go for. For example, a perm or a pixie-cut would have looked appealing when you were crying buckets of tears but would probably look ridiculous after you got over your broken heart. What do you do then? You would have to live with that ‘do’ until you can manage to re-style it again. So wait. Wait just a little bit longer, until you’re more clear-headed because you don’t want to damage your ego even more by wallowing in self-pity every time your bad hair days overwhelm you.

5. Stop Making Your Friends As Your Punching Bag

yours truly beating the crap out of my friend, soloflightEd, after being told by asshole #5, “We’re just waiting for you to leave Cebu so we can make it official” hahahah

Photo credit: Ed and Doi

Okay, so you’re mad at the world and it’s painful to wake up every morning knowing that your prince charming has turned into an ogre but that is not reason enough for you to punish your friends. Stop making them miserable just because you are miserable. Misery loves company but no one wants to be friends with it. Your friends are there to listen and to offer comfort. Don’t hate them if they give you a sound advice or a good spanking, their intentions are always for your own benefit.

Also, try not to bludgeon their brains out with your doomed love story because there is a limit to everything. Hearing the story once, twice, or thrice is tolerable but to hear you whine about it over and over again after all that has been said and done is just pure torture.

6. Stop Getting Drunk

Stop 6

Whether you rarely drink or you drink like a fish, DON’T. I know what you’re thinking. You want to drown yourself in alcohol and forget. I wish I can tell you that alcohol functions the same way as the operation in the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ but sadly, it doesn’t. It only makes you loose – loose enough to do crazy things. The next day, you’ll end up with a headache and an embarrassing video in youtube. If during your drunken stupor, you hoped that he will come rescue you like how he used to when he still adored you, stop that hope from growing. Chances are, he will not be there this time.

What you can do though is go home. Curl up with a sloppy love book or movie and cry your heart out. Drown yourself in sorrow for a day or a week (and not longer) but promise yourself that you will stop it thereafter. Don’t prolong your agony and start doing something productive like refocusing your energy towards work, enrolling in creative classes like dancing or painting; or better yet travel. Traveling worked for me, maybe it will work for you too.

7. Stop Being Bitter

Stop 7

It’s not the end of the world. So stop all that negativity. Your happy ending just didn’t happen yet, but it will. It was just not now and not with the person who you thought was ‘the one.’ Here’s a little secret that the whole world knows which you probably haven’t discovered yet — the notion ‘the one’ should not be taken literally because ‘the one’ can actually be countless people. If you caught yourself saying ‘he is the one’ one too many times with twenty different people then you’re normal. I have shared this in my Facebook status before and I will share this again – the concept of ‘the one’ is similar to the concept of ‘the right person.’ A person becomes ‘the right person’ not because he met your requirements and you felt that all is working accordingly; but because he fits the moment. In one life span, you will be blessed with at least ten moments. If there are ten then there will be ten right persons. Remember though that the concept is ‘the right person’ and not ‘the perfect person.’

8. Stop Playing the Rebound Game

Stop 8

Think of a basketball game. If you’re not ready to pass that ball yet but you decide to pass it anyway to a receiver who may not just be in the perfect spot to shoot that ball then your team will not earn the point. Heck, there’s even that big possibility that the same receiver might just pass the ball back to you. Do you get the idea?

My suggestion, don’t play the game if you don’t know how it works. Better yet, just don’t play it at all. Transferring your affections on someone else when you’re still obviously obsessed with your ex will not be fair to the person receiving the affection and also to you. Rebounds always end badly and as far as I know, I have not heard of a rebound story that ended with a happy ending. But if you know of any, I will be happy to stand corrected.

There you are. 8 things like I promised and okay (fine!) I was guilty of all eight things.

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  1. nice list you got here den! good jab! 😀 super like the gif. at last nagamit na jud ang photos! 😆 and i can still recall the time you decided to apply #8 (unintenionally). 😆

    • denramonal says

      thank you doi…hala noh, imu gyud gibutang ang unintentional #8! hahahah…

  2. This is one of the funny and realistic thing i ever read on blog. I was looking for travel tips when i reach this post.
    Love it actually. Is it first hand experience?

    • @depedteacher: Glad that you enjoyed reading it. I hate to admit this but I scored a perfect score of 8, which meant that yes – first hand. LOL