A Little Help From 2 Kings 15:1-38

For most people, being in the pit can be quite convenient. When you suddenly lose your self or when the purpose which you were so certain was yours (abruptly) crashed and burned, being in a secluded hole can be the respite you needed.  This is fine but be careful not to wallow too long or else you’ll never be able to get out. Sometimes, we pull ourselves out with sheer hard work; but on other times, we are blessed to be surrounded by people who will gladly lift us out and urge us to enjoy the sun again. A few nights before I flew for my recent destination, I had my ‘sometimes’ and my ‘other times’ to my surprise.

I will admit, I was in a pit and I was contented there until I started feeling sorry for myself which I despised doing.  I snapped out of it and worked on getting back on track. I was nowhere close to the road and I knew that I needed to clear my head. So, I pulled out my Bible and talked to the only One who can understand me.  I prayed and drowned out everything around me. Focused really hard and started over thinking again. I was so determined to capture what the message was that I hurried through the passages of 2 Kings 15: 1-38 with just one glaring thought flashing back at me – of the cycle that never ends until everything becomes right (of kings coming and going but repeating the sins of their fathers, doomed to the same fate unless they learn to consistently make things right in the eyes of God). I reprimanded myself for being impatient. This has always been my problem – of always, always being in a hurry to get things done. Even at this moment, I am trying really hard to control my pace in typing with all these thoughts scurrying here and there. Patience was always a virtue that I struggled with and because I am restive, I end up forgetting my lessons; thereby repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

I was developing a headache while pondering about the wrong things that I kept stumbling into and obviously, I needed someone to talk to. I started bugging my brother (even though he was getting ready to sleep) and forced him to share what he learned last Thursday when he attended a session at the Makati Feast. I told him that he will need to suck it up because he was going to be my shepherd for the night. Although reluctant, my brother coughed up something about ‘leadership’ which didn’t sound like a cliche.

Leadership, after hearing my brother talk, made me think of a skill practiced to inspire people. I wanted to deviate from the common term ‘lead’ which can be quite limited sometimes. I reflected on the three questions asked in achieving true leadership: what do you want, why can’t you get what you want, and how do you get what you want, which inevitably boils down to one thing – ‘happiness.’

peace love happines

 What do you want?

No one else can answer this question for you. Whether what you want is one thing or it’s a series of things, then it’s important that you know what they are. If you don’t, then you’ll end up copying other people’s idea of happiness and becoming miserable in the end. No happiness can ever be too small or big for anyone to handle. It’s always just right, as long as it was yours to claim.

Why can’t you get what you want?

Mind the negation here. ‘Why can’t’ and not ‘why can.’ Let’s face it, most of us are negative thinkers and often than always, we never really achieve our goals because of this attitude. So when you have answered the first question and realized that you don’t have your happiness within your grasp, ask yourself why it’s not there in the first place. Trust me, we tend to take this for granted but asking ourselves questions can actually help us identify the areas we need to work on.

How do you get what you want?

According to my brother, the how is merely a vehicle that will take you to your goal. This part is actually easy. The hard part lies on question #1 and 2 because they require more than an ounce of honesty; basically meaning that you will have to stop lying to yourself. Usually, the how’s would present themselves in the most opportune time; on instances when everything is all laid out and as crystal as clean water.

When all three questions have been answered, you will attain happiness and when you have attained this, you will be able to inspire other people who will do the same thing also. You must be wondering why the big fuss over happiness. It’s simple, a happy person can never be brought down by anything nor anyone. So if you can’t be brought down, there will be no space for anger, hatred, envy, or any of those negative emotions polluting the world today.

So what do you say? Let’s all find our happiness. Let’s all try to lead and inspire others. This too can be a way to help make this world a better place to live in.

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