A Walk Around Sydney Town

In my bucket list, I removed Australia to make way for that Peruvian territory but like all other lists I have maintained in my life, I swerved away from it and ended up giving in to old qualms that do not really have any business of being there. But to my delight, I ended up booking a ticket to Sydney and closed my eyes while purchasing four other routes within this tiny continent filled with surprises.

Bucket List Aus Out

So it was only natural that I explored the city immediately on the next day.

Ah Sydney! The state capital of New South Wales (although I only learned this after interacting with people who actually resided there) is known to be the multicultural city of Australia and is considered as one of the most expensive in the world.  I definitely agree with the latter and I am not even exaggerating; but if you are a resourceful person like me, I am quite certain that you can find means to experience everything that the city can possibly offer at a reasonable cost. Take note that Sydney has many nooks to be discovered, all mapped out appropriately as Sydney City, Inner Sydney, Sydney East, Sydney North, Sydney South, and Sydney West.

firsts in sydney

Three of my firsts in Sydney – first time to meet Mr. Maple Leaf, first to see Roo meat in the menu, and first to drink Tooheys.

I was able to convince my friend’s hubby to accompany me to the city and together we hopped on the train from Hornsby to the City Central Station which cost us AUS$5.10 per way each. Yes, transportations will take a huge chunk out of your budget but expensive as they may be, I dare not complain for they are as sturdy and reliable as common sense.

The station was a maze and immediately you would panic and say “Shit! I’m gonna get lost here.” Stay calm and read the fucking signs and you will be just fine, you idiot. Yes, signs are everywhere and you will be guided accordingly as long as you know which exit you are looking for or at least, know what famous spot you want to visit. It was a good thing that we stepped off in City Central instead of Town Hall as this allowed us to cover the length of the harbour.

sydney 1

And the best thing about walks, you get to see interesting things too and capture it – something that a moving vehicle cannot afford to give you. Most of these interesting things are often not mentioned in guide books and tourist info packs. Like how bicycles are practically parked everywhere and chained to any permanently attached inanimate object, how struggling artists are performing in the streets and assuring you with a “C’est la vie” to calm your angry heart, how crosses are oddly designed in some places, how crazy birds are walking around like as if they owned the place, how automobiles are being driven around the city promoting Henry Miller’s “Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant,” and how signs are everywhere to remind every imbecile not get themselves killed.

sydeny 2

To be a daisy in a field of roses – priceless.

And how can you possibly not fall in love with the Queen Victoria Building, the clock tower, St. Mary’s Cathedral, and the NSW State Library? They were explicit beyond compare. I swear I thought I died and went to heaven.

sydney 3

I love these beauties!

Never mind the rain! There was no way that I was going to allow the weather to stop me from exploring. The weather in Sydney when I visited the city was bonkers. It was sunny today, raining like hell tomorrow, and then windy but a bit humid the next. Sometimes, I catch myself agreeing with my friend with the weather having similar qualities of a woman.


For once, I do not hate puddles.

Oh Sydney, how do I describe thee? Let me count the ways — on my next article. Smile

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