Acoustic Coffee: Home Outside Home

Last May, Schenn and I were on the prowl for a new place to hang out in. We were so tired of lazing about in Major Cineplex’s McDonalds that we made it our mission to find a more comfortable and homey nook near our workplace. We got lucky. We discovered Acoustic Coffee and now, it has become our habit to drop by the place after work. We just fell in love with it.

Acoustic Coffee

Acoustic Coffee opened last May 12, 2012. The 24-year old owner, Therdthai Purisamai a.k.a David J who was from Roi-et Province, have always wanted his own shop. Originally though, he wanted a whisky shop because he loved to party and go clubbing. All that changed when he discovered Jesus and became a born-again Christian. He still wanted his own shop but instead of whisky, he thought of coffee.


I asked J why he called his shop ‘Acoustic Coffee’ and his answer was simple. He loves music and the best combination (for him) when he is trying to relax is acoustic (or colloquially referred to as ‘unplugged’) music and coffee. His preference can be well observed inside the coffee shop as this is also the kind of music that is being played from the moment the shop opens all the way to its closing time.


In addition, he lets his customers enjoy live performances on Wednesday and Saturday nights. And because his customers include Thai and foreign nationals, the music being played are a mix of English and Thai songs which I think is an excellent way of meeting half-way.

Acoustic Coffee Cafe Menu

Acoustic Coffee now also offers a wide range of food and drinks. When it started, it only had the usual hot, iced or frappe concoctions alongside its coffee mixes. Today, I discovered that they have included ice cream, cakes, pies, pizza, pasta, lasagna, and salad. I admit that they are little too pricey but for people like me, who spend hours there, they are all well worth it.


If you are wondering why I spend hours in the coffee shop, I have many reasons but the most important reason points to the fast (and free) internet connection. I can research, edit, write, and publish my articles without a single cuss about my internet speed. My other reason would give kudos to the staff as they are very friendly and accommodating. In short, not the type of people who would look at you nastily if you have been lounging in the establishment longer than expected.

Acoustic Coffee Cafe Staff

As for now, Acoustic Coffee is open from 7:00am to 11:00pm on Mon-Sat but opens at 10:00am on Sundays; however, J has plans of opening 24 hours soon which I believe is a great idea as this will be quite beneficial for night owls like me.

For more information about the coffee shop, you can check their page at or laze around at the shop which is located at 1859 Phahonyothin Road, Ladyao Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand.

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  1. i miss acoustic coffee! 🙁

  2. Miss you every one !!!
    See you at Acoustic Coffee


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