All Roads Lead to God’s Somewhere

A new friend asked me once if I believed in destiny and I answered, “Fate, destiny, soul mates, God’s plans—all the same banana and yes I believe that everything is mapped out, but never in grid lines as that will make it too easy.” Further, adding a mental note that we will all end up in God’s somewhere. In fact, I have had an existing letter addressed to the man whom God has specifically marked “RESERVED FOR MY CRAZY DAUGHTER DEN” for years and I have yet to let this man read it. (I wonder where this schmuck is.)

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Illustrations of my supposed love life inspired by my favorite book, The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein

Of course, my dearest friend respectfully opposed my view and explained that he believed more in creating a path towards achieving what he wanted and working hard in getting it. After he made this clear, it truly amazed me how some people can be quick to assume that just because you believe that things are predestined, it would then ultimately mean that you just sit your fat ass down and wait for the stars to align.

I’m sorry “some people” but I beg to defer. To borrow a note from the scripture, it was mentioned in Joshua 7:10 “The Lord said to Joshua, “Get up! Why do you lie thus on your face?”. As a believer, (nothing to do with the Beliebers who are a whole new set of interesting creatures) – I also value hard work; in fact, I actually like to keep my hands busy and I like to keep them busy by working towards what I have faith in thinking God has set for me to attain. You call them ‘goals’ by the way. I, however, like to refer to them as seeds planted in my heart by the Man Upstairs. I am responsible of nurturing these seeds and of waiting (patiently, not an easy feat just to tell you) before acting on them.

There is a slight difference, in the source that is, but the other components are actually similar if you really want to analyze it. The source of goals –  you believe that yours came from yourself alone, whilst mine came from The Big Man whom no one who is still living have been seen yet. This concept of continuously believing on something that we cannot see is what may commonly be called ‘faith.’

Faith is like thinking that a marriage will survive and surpass tests even though the couples have no proof tucked in their sleeves; like being certain that you will have a safe flight home when there are twenty possibilities of it crashing; like knowing that you will get that promotion despite the existence of other factors that could hinder you from getting what you wanted; like swimming towards your dad when you were 5 and you did not know how to but you were pretty determined you will make it there; like sending a text message to that person you truly like and waiting for a response when you are not even sure if he or she likes you back; or like saying “everything is going to be okay” after you have just buried a loved one or have gone through something traumatic.

Like you and your goals, I ponder too on the principle of waiting and acting on the perfect time. I ponder on how long do I need to hover over a situation, and when the right moment to launch out will be; but I make it a point to wait on God for there is always an appointed time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1). When I can (trust me when I say that I undeniably can because the green light has been flashed), I exhaust all that I have just to ensure that a course is charted accordingly.

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