And The Bat Unexpectedly Snagged Me Good

Last Friday, while impatiently waiting for Bus 24 and after one full day of hinting that I was craving for a big mac, I was able to convince my co-teachers (Andrea, Dyan, and Anza) to hang out with me at Major Cineplex Ratchayothin. There was no arm-twisting required since it was a Friday after all and I think they too needed to take a little break. So off we went and abandoned our spot at that all too familiar bus stop.

When we were huffing our way to Major Cineplex, we talked about watching the new Batman movie – The Dark Knight Rises. Honestly, when Dyan suggested the movie, I was not too excited because I was never a Batman fan; but because they obliged me with my big mac craving, I did not say no to the suggestion (besides, it felt like it’s been ages since I last saw a movie although I don’t think that’s entirely true). I wanted to watch The Dictator but was subtly over-ruled.

Batman 2012

After gulping down my big mac, upsized coke and fries (and some of Andy’s too), we lined up to buy our tickets. The rate for the cinema we chose was 220 baht but since I was an MGen member, every ticket purchased was given a 20 baht discount so we were able to save 80 baht. Still, coughing up a 200 baht movie ticket was a little heart wrenching for me, most especially since I was not really a Batman fan. I was thinking – “this bat movie better be worth it.”

Batman Was Awesome!

And it was! Surprisingly, it was and I just couldn’t help myself.

Here are my reasons.

1. Returning cast rules!

The film was the third and the final installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman film trilogy but I was happy to know that Christian Bale reprised the lead role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the movie. As an additional reward, I also got to enjoy Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Gary Oldman as James Gordon, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, and even Cillian Murphy as mad Dr. Jonathan Crane again.

Returning Cast

I don’t know with you but it just irritates me when actors playing certain characters are replaced. I know that there are reasons why this happens but it still does not change people’s reactions. There’s just something interesting about watching the same actor/character mature and change in the big screen sequels. The sense of continuity lures people to come back for more and it’s something that everyone can relate to.

2. Oh Alfred, Oh Alfred!

Michael Caine as Alfred PennyworthBatman’s trusted butler and confidant made me cry twice. He made me cry when he admitted burning the letter of Rachel whilst threatening to resign and he made me cry again when he said he failed in front of the tombstones of all the three Waynes. Nolan’s objective of emphasizing the emotional bond between Alfred and Bruce Wayne was achieved. I thought while I was secretly trying to wipe away my tears, “Sh*t! I wasn’t aware that this movie was a tear jerker.

On the side: Michael Caine, you’re such a scene stealer (mind the expression) but I adore you!

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The name itself is reason enough. He got me at “A River Runs Through It,” I had a major crush on him in “Angels in the Outfield” but my affection for this beautiful, beautiful man came full circle in “500 Days of Summer.”

Joseph Gordon LevittI was not aware that he was in the movie but when I saw his face there, my world in that dark cinema just lit up like a Christmas tree! He was perfect for the role of John Blake (unofficially Robin/Nightwing) despite the funny way he walks. What can I say? He is one of those rarities who can easily swerve from disenchantment to enthusiasm without overdoing it. He doesn’t eat up the space in a scene but instead blends in; however, never goes unnoticed. Anyway, who could possibly resist that smile huh? and those dancing eyes?

4. Cameo appearances everywhere and of several notable persona.

5. Happy (for real) endings!

Let’s admit it, we all hate it when they keep us ‘hanging’ – an effective marketing plot but it pisses a lot of people off (although we end up going back for more anyway). There might be another Batman movie but this Batman’s cape-crusading days are over. He has retired and has officially passed on the crown.


Thumbs Up!

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