Asante Sana

As I was huffing my bum home this afternoon with a huge box filled with donations, I kept telling myself in between breathers that all that weight was worth the smiles I’ll receive from the girls in the orphanage. It didn’t matter that I came home sweating like as if I just finished two hours of muay thai training. It didn’t matter that I thought I was going to have a heart attack while climbing the stairs of the footbridge that will lead me to the street I lived in. It didn’t matter that my arms and hands ached like hell and I slumped on the cold marbled floor of my apartment as soon as I arrived. It didn’t matter, I was too happy to even care.


When I greeted the month of September by promoting my “A Box of Help” project, I knew I’ll receive help but I didn’t expect the kind of generosity I am receiving now. I thought that I will probably just receive two or three notebooks there, a box of pencils here, or a few bucks shelled from someone’s pocket.  Again, I underestimated the goodness of people; therefore again, I was glad I was proven wrong.

first facebook blast First set of donations 🙂

In a span of nine days, I have received school supplies (notepads, pencils, color materials, erasers, sharpeners, rulers), toiletries (sanitary napkins, toothbrushes, soaps), vitamins, and some cash from the parents of my students, from my co-workers, and from friends who gladly shared whatever they can. I  couldn’t be any happier. I was surrounded by people who believed that ‘help’ can also come in small packages.

donations  More donations!!!

My friend was ecstatic to learn about the gifts that the Bethsaida girls will be receiving and her biggest worry was the total weight of the box. I assured her that I will be allotting half of my baggage allowance for this box, hence, no need to worry. I guess our biggest worry would be transporting the box (along with my luggage) from the airport to the orphanage inside the notoriously cramped public transport called ‘dala-dala” – definitely, an experience that I am looking forward to. My friend further added that the girls can hardly wait to meet me. I can’t wait to meet them too and teach them to dance with wild abandon.

Anyway, the box is still open and as a reminder, I will be sealing the box on September 20. If you want to donate, please get in touch with me. For now, let me leave you with a photo of my Sunday skype date with the girls. They want me to tell you — THANK YOU!

skype with the girls

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