After I missed the 1:30 trip from Bangkok to the Poipet border, I knew I was in deep trouble. I was already thinking of not going while I was asking the ticket seller when the next trip was going to be. He said that the next trip will be at 2:30pm and it will no longer be stopping at the border but at the Aranyaprathet Bus Station. This meant that I might arrive in Aranyaprathet at around 7:30-ish and that I will need to take the tuktuk from the bus station to the border which will take about 10-15 minutes. This obviously did not leave me enough time to cross the border from  Aranyaprathet to Poipet which regularly closes its gate at 8:00pm.

Mochit Bus Station

I thought, “Oh shoot! Boris is going to strangle me.” I had no choice but to call him because he was already at the Thailand border while I was still at the Mochit Bus Station.

Ring, ring, ring…

Boris: Hello?

Den: Okay, you’re probably going to kill me.

Boris: Why?

Den: Because I missed the 1:30 bus.

Boris: What?! Why did you miss it?

Den: Errr…I dropped by at a friend’s place first before coming here. Lost track of the time.

Boris: Why did you….

Den: The next bus is leaving at 2:30pm so that would mean that I’ll arrive at the border around 6-7pm. (Tried to make it sound earlier than the actual time quoted.)

Boris: You know that the border closes at 8:00, right?

Den: Yeah, I know and that’s why I’m calling you now to tell you. I have not bought my ticket because I wanted to ask if you were still going to wait for me. So are you going to wait ‘coz if you want, you can just go ahead.

Boris: Yes, I’ll wait.

Den: Are you sure? What will you be doing then?

Boris: I’ll just stay here. It’s raining now.

Den: Okay then.

Boris: I hate you now.

Den: No you don’t. Come on, we haven’t seen each other for some time. I’ll call you back in a while, okay?

Boris: Okay. And by the way, do you have photos?

Den: Photos?

Boris: Photos for the visa.

Den: Oh, I won’t be needing those. Filipinos don’t need a visa to enter Cambodia.

Boris: Oh really?

Den: Yup. So I’ll see you later then?

Boris: Okay. Ciao, ciao.

Den: Ciao.

DSC_0001 Thank you for waiting, Boris.

Whew! I was cleared and it was a relief to know that Boris was in a good mood. I arrived at the Poipet border an hour before the gate closed and Boris was lazily leaning on the canopy’s post while waiting for me to finish paying the tuktuk driver. (And boy did my heart skip a beat when I saw him smile!) I smiled back and gave him the tightest hug that my arms could muster.

When travelling, it’s always a good idea to travel with another. If you get lost, you won’t get lost alone and night time is never too late nor too dark because, let’s admit it,  we’re just braver when we have someone.

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