Backpacking Tips For Those With A Vagina: How To Stuff That Turkey Like A Rock Star

Yes. That’s a vagina and this is obviously meant for female readers; but if a male reader happened to pass by, please feel free to share your opinion on the matter. Before anything else, let me clarify the title. “Stuffing that turkey” means “packing your bag.” I just thought that it would be more interesting to use the former than the latter.

Backpacking 101: 5 Basic Things To Remember In Packing For Your Trip

Thailand-Cambodia Backpacking Trip 2011

So how do you stuff that turkey in the first place? Stuff it in a sense that it will go a long way during your backpacking trip. Packing for a backpacking trip is really quite simple. People just like to complicate the task by not preparing ahead. It is important to remember that when you pack in a jiffy, you always end up forgetting important items or not exhausting the capacity of the limited space that you have, amongst other dilemmas. The guidelines are really easy to follow. For the ladies, stuffing that turkey is not the problem; it’s the stuff that we decide to bring that hinders us from adhering to the rules.

So today, I am sharing some of the packing know-hows that I have learned during my travels and hopefully, they will prove to be as useful to you too.

Make a List

Backpacking Checklist

Tu tu tu…oh no, lists are not just for our grandmothers. Lists are for everybody! A list that includes everything that you can possibly think of, will go a long way. It will allow you to see the items that you will or might need for your trip and check what you have missed. Making a mental note of these things are okay if you can completely rely on your memory, but if you are like most normal people, then I suggest you grab a pen and paper. Write everything. It’s just a list and it’s also temporary. As you pack, you have an option to scrap one, two or three items in that list. Just don’t dismiss an item and think that you will remember it later because I assure you, once you’re done packing, you’ll be too excited to even think about it.

Decide, Decide, Decide

Deciding What To Bring To Your Backpacking Trip

Ladies, please follow the number one rule for backpacking – if you can’t decide whether you will need it or not, then leave it behind. Believe me when I say that there is a bigger chance that you will NOT need it. Think of where you will be going and what you will be doing there; then choose the appropriate items to bring. If you’re going for a full-pack trekking trip, I don’t think bringing those stilettos will be a good idea; one or two scarves are fine but bringing five different scarves for a 5-day trip is just ridiculous; or bringing 10 sets of shirts-trousers-dresses to a holiday that will last for 3 days is just not convenient.

I understand that you are a girl scout (I was too until I was in high school) but there are instances when we need to leave our “always prepared” badge at home. I believe that preparing for a backpacking trip is one of these instances.

Choose Your Turkey Well

Choose Your Turkey Well

Most ladies usually prefer to have their own backpack but you can also borrow one. However, I would suggest that you buy your own just in case you decide to travel again in the future. Whatever your choice is, just make sure that it’s the kind of backpack that perfectly suits your body and travel needs. For instance, if you are like me who can’t live without her laptop, camera, and other electronic gadgets, then you have to choose one that has compartments or pockets. When traveling, I live by the notion – everything has a place, a place for everything; in short, all that I bring is organized into order so that I can easily pull them out when a need arises.

Usually, preferences arise after a couple of nightmare trips. I only became very delicate about my backpack’s straps after my Thailand-Cambodia backpacking trip with friends. I thought then that any backpack will do but I was in for a rude awakening. As a souvenir, I carried my backpack’s strap lines on my shoulders for almost two weeks and had to suck up the strain since I was the one who insisted on using that backpack anyway. After that trip, I started favoring backpacks with cushioned shoulder straps and the ones with a hipbelt stabilizer.

Let me warn you though.  You can’t always immediately find the perfect backpack. Most of the time, we choose the wrong ones based on our impulsive preferences and end up straining our backs or looking silly because the pack did not fit our body frames. Come to think of it, choosing your backpack is almost similar to choosing a lover; if you choose the wrong person then brace yourself for a heartache.

Conserve Space

How To Conserve Space and PAck Lightly

Fold and stack your items neatly. Make big things as small as possible, and make the small things even smaller. Have you tried rolling your undergarments like a hotdog? Yes, that can help in conserving the space; not to mention, the advantage of it being cocooned – safe from prying eyes during circumstances when we carelessly pull out things from our backpack. I don’t know with you, but when I’m rummaging through my backpack in public, I don’t want the person next to me to accidentally see what my undergarments looked like.

Also, make sure that you have placed your toiletries in smaller containers. There are travel packs you can buy at convenience stores at an affordable price.

Bring The Necessities

Bringing The Necessities To Your Backpacking Trip

Although it has been mentioned many times in this article that we should bring what we need, it is still useful to specifically state the basics. When backpacking, do not forget to bring the following: your passport, money, and a pocket full of big smiles.

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