Sok Dee Pii Mai

I was not a stranger to water festivals, I have celebrated Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand and have observed one every 24th of June in San Juan, Philippines to celebrate the Feast of St. John the Baptist; but the Pii Mai in Luang Prabang taught me that I obviously have not really experienced the … [Read more...]

Wiangchan, My Kind Of Town

Not many Filipinos travel to Wiangchan, Laos for leisure; in fact many of my ‘kababayans’ travel there for visa purposes and the most common thing I hear them say about the place is ‘it’ being the sleepiest town that they have been to. In most instances, it irked me to hear such comments but then I … [Read more...]

A Very Havie Story: 6 Countries And More

Last 2010, I received gifts from my friend, Ghedi, who was vacationing then in Cebu. She gave me a souvenir Cayman Island shirt and a pair of fuchsia havaianas amongst others. I still have them both but one is about to give way. Sadly, my pair of havies are not doing so well these days and … [Read more...]

Laos People’s Army Museum: Relics of War Time Glories

The early walk around the sleepy capital of Laos made me forget the previous night's disappointment. Vientianne at its finest Photo-walking session: March, 2011. … [Read more...]