Why I Continue Travelling

People ask me why I could never seem to stay put, why I entertain that constant itch to travel even if it meant leaving everything convenient behind. Sometimes, I give an answer. Sometimes, I say I don’t know. Sometimes, my reasons flash before me like a series of clips that were beyond black and … [Read more...]

Camotes Island: A Weekend Of Peace

When you’re caught between the jaws of your pride (or whatever was left of it) and the temporary warmth of your shame, running away to an island in the South seemed like the ideal solution until you have to pack your bags again // Taken November, 2010 while photowalking with Iko // … [Read more...]

Whale Sharks In Oslob, Cebu: Of Maintaining The Required Distance And Everything Else

I initially planned to start this article with un-tampered zeal about my first encounter with Oslob’s whale sharks but had a change of heart after some friends raised the whale shark controversy that spurned last summer in Boljoon, Cebu. The gravity of the issue was heightened when I posted a photo … [Read more...]