Cabbages and Condoms

When I first heard of Cabbages and Condoms, I thought that my friend was pulling my leg. Who would dare name his restaurant with something as vulgar as that, right? But because of its unique name, I wanted to try dining there but never really got the chance until my Tokyo-based friends, Kieron, … [Read more...]

Acoustic Coffee: Home Outside Home

Last May, Schenn and I were on the prowl for a new place to hang out in. We were so tired of lazing about in Major Cineplex’s McDonalds that we made it our mission to find a more comfortable and homey nook near our workplace. We got lucky. We discovered Acoustic Coffee and now, it has become our … [Read more...]

The Giant Swing: Where Risks Bring Death

A storm was brewing that day when I decided to risk loving again, with The Giant Swing near Wat Suthat, Thailand as my witness Photo-walking session: September, 2011. … [Read more...]

Pot Phong, Where Red Means Go

Back in January 2011, I finally had the chance to visit one of Bangkok, Thailand's red light district named Pot Phong. Although my expectations about the place were met, there was one which I was surprised to know that I even considered to do with my friends. Watching its infamous shows was not part … [Read more...]

Democracy Monument: Democracy At A Cost

Late night stroll in Bangkok, Thailand when the Democracy Monument is free of ‘Red Shirts’ fighting for that elusive cause Photo-walking session: September, 2011. … [Read more...]