Seriously, DFA? Seriously?

A few days ago, I have decided not to write about my recent (horrid) DFA experience and focus on vegetables instead when I received a text message from DFA CDOC yesterday afternoon (16 Nov, 2:36pm), informing me that the passport (which I have already collected last 15th of November at their main … [Read more...]

The ‘Overseas Employment Certificate’ Drama

I never imagined that getting an OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) was even harder than what I originally anticipated; in fact, I never imagined that it was going to eat 7 hours of my time. Yes people, I was at the main office of POEA from morning until early evening and it sucked big time. For … [Read more...]

On Contracts: It’s All About What You Want

In light of what recently happened, I decided to write this article about what people should check before signing their contracts. Some friends who have read my article about finding a job in Thailand found themselves in the sweetest predicament – deciding whether they will take the job or not! How … [Read more...]

Working In Thailand: The Quickest Way To Earn Your Keep

Last year, after the delay of my China trip, I decided to join my friends on a backpacking trip from Thailand to Cambodia. It was sort of a last minute decision and I’m quite certain (whether Doi and Ed would admit it or not) that they were a little ticked when I suddenly told them that I’ll be with … [Read more...]

Part-time Perks and Goodies

My tutorial session with Ben just ended and I am happy to report that I am a few hundred bucks richer than I was about an hour ago. Not to mention that I am at my favorite coffee shop enjoying a slice of chocolate cake and a cup of my beloved espresso conpana. These, amongst many others, are just a … [Read more...]