Tatang Constancio: The Survivor

About 4 months ago, I submitted an article to Oxfam Blogs about  Tatang Constancio, a 79-year old farmer who was one of the recipients of the Cash for Asset Recovery project in Dulag, Leyte. In the course of the Haiyan tragedy, Tatang Constancio helplessly watched the super typhoon devastate the … [Read more...]

Ono: George Town’s Love Machine

When Bangkok suffered the could-have-been-prevented flood last year, I got my backpack ready and stuffed my travel necessities in a jiffy to take refuge at my dearest cousin’s abode in Penang, Malaysia. For a month, I was my cousin Anne’s refugee and yes, I could have went on with being one except … [Read more...]

Nameless Sudanese Toddler: The Catalyst

10 years ago, after thoughtlessly going through my e-mails, I stumbled upon this disturbing photo of a Sudanese child struggling towards a UN food camp where a vulture patiently perched nearby. Photo credit: Kevin Carter I can still clearly remember the sinking feeling I felt and I couldn’t … [Read more...]