Contemplating Bahrain

Apparently in 2005, a name which I have not stumbled upon for a long time now had graced my journal one too many times. I wanted to feature my first travel poem and disappointingly, it was this one. I honestly did not want to immortalize his existence in my life but then I realized, there were other names there too. His name will just be the first in the long list of names of lovers, friends, enemies, acquaintances, strangers, and relatives whom I wrote about during moments of extreme emotional tumult (or the complete opposite thereof).

Warning: This is not my usual “sensible” article and you might get a sudden urge to puke after reading it but hey, every nutcase needs to glorify her shameful past before she can make her peace with horrid writing; so shoot me (if you can even find me).


Contemplating Bahrain (2005)

What is this tapping

of foreign hammers on a sand-coveted roof,

and the cold mist engulfs you.

Here, at the garden of Eden

I wait for time’s hand to draw together.

An early lunch maybe,

Tick, tock

A short exchange of words with a former dancer.


How is possible love possible

when no promises were made?


The wind shakes the trees to wake

The house is stirring – wake up!

Banging now.

Endless fixing.

The birds and the ravens chirp continuously,

in constant announcement to fly off

The sun is nearing – Flee!

Summer fear.

Tick, tock

The ninth hour is close to an end.

Why do my thoughts end with Nat?

Seventy-one days have passed since I last saw him,

and  that kiss lingers still.

Do I grace his mind once in a long while at least?

I dream so.

Those locals again.

Dark men with piercing eyes, hair everywhere,

and their women cloaked, black as their sand-stormed nights,

leaving their BMWs and mini coopers unlocked, unwashed.

Funny how common these are here

whilst garnering billions back home.

The dancer is back for another session,

I should get her name.

My manners has turned as crude as their English,

Camel dreaming,

So, this is Bahrain.

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