Countries Where My Filipino Passport Can Take Me Visa Free

I have dreamt of travelling for as long as I can remember. Like what I have said, if you have met me when I left my snot where it truly belonged, you will not hear me say – “I want to be a lawyer (a doctor, a nurse, or any of those noble professions that adults have bombarded children to memorize) when I grow up.” Okay, I admit there were a couple of instances  when I lied about wanting to be a nun just to make the elders happy and one fine morning when I announced to my mother that I wanted to be a maid because the job didn’t obviously require me to work my ass off (an observation I have made by watching my own nanny, back then when my parents could still afford to pay a nanny). This retort got a scream full of Cynthia-litany that left my poor nanny deaf for a few days. Instead, you will hear me blabber about flying my own magic carpet or burying my feet in a pile of snow which mother nature was nice enough to bless the world with. I was not your typical little munchkin and with my parents no where to be found, I filled my brain with all kinds of adventures from all the books that I got my hands on or from the movies I saw.

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Obviously, I’m all grown up and I still want the same thing. In simpler terms, I want to discover the world and maybe, once in a while, get lost somewhere. Don’t get me wrong. Travelling is not as easy as I make it believe. It requires many things and the number one requirement is a passport; however, a passport does not immediately guarantee that you can enter the country that you have been eyeing. Unfortunately, for Filipinos like me, there are many countries that we cannot enter without an issued visa or a pre-arrangement. I’m not going to talk about those countries. If you want to know about them, google them yourself.  I’m going to share the information I got from several sources about the countries that Filipinos can enter without the hassle of getting a visa first and hope that you too, my dearest readers, will book a flight to one of these countries just for the heck of it.

Please note that I didn’t include the countries that will require a visa upon arrival for a fee and the countries that do not require a visa for transit or a 24-hour stay.

ASEAN Countries
•Brunei: 14 days
•Cambodia: 21 days
•Indonesia: 30 days
•Laos: 30 days
•Malaysia: 30 days
•Singapore: 30 days
•Thailand: 30 days
•Vietnam: 21 days
Non- ASEAN Countries
•Taiwan: 30 days IF holding a vaild visa for Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Schengen countries, United Kingdom or United States
•Hong Kong: 14 days
•Iran: 30 days visa issued upon arrival (free of charge!)
•Israel: 90 days

•Macau: 30 days
•Maldives: 30 days visa issued upon arrival (free of charge!)

•Mongolia: 21 days
•South Korea (Jeju Island only): 30 days
•Sri Lanka: 30 days
•Kosovo: 90 days (but only until June 30, 2013!)
•Cook Islands: 31 days
•Fiji: 120 days Visitor’s Permit issued upon arrival (free of charge!)
•Marshall Islands: 30 days visa issued upon arrival (free of charge!)
•Federated States of Micronesia – 30 days
•Niue: 30 days
•Palau: 30 days visa issued upon arrival (free of charge!)
•Samoa: 60 days Visitor’s Permit issued upon arrival (free of charge!)
•Tuvalu: 30 days visa issued upon arrival (free of charge!)
•Vanuatu: 30 days
Central America
•Costa Rica: 30 days
•Dominica: 21 days
•Haiti: 90 days
•Saint Kitts and Nevis: 14 days
•Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 30 days
•Turks and Caicos Islands – 30 days
South America
•Bolivia: 90 days
•Brazil: 90 days
•Colombia: 90 days
•Ecuador: 90 days
•Peru: 183 days
•Suriname: 90 days
•Burundi: visa issued upon arrival

•Mali: visa issued upon arrival
•Morocco: 90 days
•Saint Helena: visa issued upon arrival
•Seychelles: 30 days
•Togo: 7 days visa issued upon arrival


  • 1. Please remember that the list and information may change. I encourage you to check with the respective embassies and consulates before travelling.
  • 2. The days indicated are the maximum days Filipinos are allowed to stay in the said country. If you plan to stay longer, then, you need to apply for a visa. Contact the country’s embassy/consulate nearest you.
  • 3. Some countries above provide visas upon arrival. Ensure you have the proper documents they require before traveling.
  • 4. The above list is intended for travel to these countries for tourism purpose only.

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