Cupcake Theory – Definitely Not Just A Theory

On days when I feel like my emotions were all over the place and everything seemed all out of place, my answer was always food. Sadly, today was one of those days and what’s even sadder was, I desperately wanted something that I just couldn’t have. I was too far away from home. I wanted to gorge on cupcakes. Not just any cupcake, it had to be my friend’s cupcakes.

I was first introduced to Arvy’s cupcakes almost three years ago when I was thinking of a gift to give to my then beau (who is obviously now marked with a big, fat X or ex, however we call it). I was always a practical giver. Two of my must-have requirements in gift-giving were 1) will be used and 2) should last for a few years at least. That year, I skipped #2 and ordered one dozen of naughty cupcakes from Arvy’s Cupcake Theory (Gourmet Cupcakes and Hand-Carved Cakes).

tutuontherun with her naughty cupcakes from Cupcake Theory

Naughty Cuppies from Arvy’s Cupcake Theory!

I’m sure by now (after seeing the photo), you’re mesmerized. Admit it because it really is and no one will dare disagree. These naughty babies were not only interesting to look at but also delicious. The softness of the dough makes you think of clouds which contrasted with the richness of the flavor. The contradiction was perfect!  And yes, everything is edible (paper cups are not counted). Don’t leave it in the fridge too long too or else it will harden. Well, except if you wanted that fondant to be rock hard in the first place.

naughty cuppies

What I love about Arvy’s cupcakes was, she carefully hand-carves each design and gives you your money’s worth. Pay attention to those details and you’ll understand what I meant. The lines, the arch, the roundness, even the absurd irregularities – they are all there. Nothing escapes the keen eye of this former corporate junkie turned business diva. When I asked her how she made them, we had a good laugh about it. If my memory served me right, there was a mention of browsing unlikely websites, porn star, imagination, and Juliana asking ‘what’s this and that’ while molding the design. I hope, though, that she is not making those kinds of vagina anymore. Errr, they kind of freaked me out.

tutuontherun with her naughty cupcake

Naughty cupcakes are just part of one category. Now, don’t go judging the business. There are other categories that you can choose from – less vulgar and more wholesome than this bunch. You can check out Cupcake Theory’s multiply account for the other sets or ‘like’ the Facebook fanpage and get daily design updates. If these options don’t work out for you then you can visit it’s newly-opened shop near the Capitol site in Cebu City and order directly. From what I gathered, customers can enjoy the shop’s cupcakes and wifi connection while lounging about.

The next time I drop by Cebu City, I’m definitely paying my friend a visit.

(Now, I am really hungry!)

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