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What I love the most about my conversations with my cousin Anne is the fact that all of them make sense. Just a few days ago we happened to have discussed our dependence on fossil fuel. It’s no surprise that the gas rates in the Philippines is as outrageous as the filth that comes out of Kris Aquino’s mouth; sadly though, we all live with this because the need is there. I think it’s safe to say that everybody would agree with me if I say that we all hated coughing a thousand bucks just to get a full tank, not to mention doubly hating our percentage to pollution which has been strangling the planet for decades. Of course, we can opt for commuting but public transportation has the same issue and cycling is definitely not a good idea to go around since the distances we’ll need to cover to get to our destination can hardly be categorized under a ‘piece of cake’ distance.


Shell fuel prices as of June 6, 2014 in Cagayan de Oro City

It’s frustrating to be forced to tolerate such circumstances when we could have been free of this. Imagine not having to put up with oil price hikes and petty quarrels with jeepney drivers over seemingly gradual fare increases? Better yet, imagine finally making use of our natural resources that despite its abundance, we utilize only by fractions.

gas in  the Philippines

Does anyone remember Daniel Dingel’s (yes, another genius was named Daniel!) water powered car? His car, a 1996 red mica Toyota Corolla GLi, had made some rounds of news coverage years back when he demonstrated how he can drive for up to an hour with just a liter of water. When I first heard of this, I was amazed and proud. I thought, “Wow! A car that runs on water only and a Filipino made it possible!”  While global automakers were racing to build prototype green vehicles in time to save mother earth, Mr. Dingel had been puttering around town on available tap water which he claimed he had invented in the early ‘60s but was only patented in 2001. (Seriously IPRO?)

As far as I am concerned, this will aid in resolving the global crisis that we are facing now and may just avert the total standstill of the entire planet after we have run out of oil and the environment goes haywire, which by the way is already happening. I will happily get in the assembly line once they start mass production; but the problem is that supposed “mass production” is not happening and it’s not happening because the power-play dictates that we were not ready yet. The inventor clearly points this out in the signage he displayed in his house/laboratory in BF Homes.

Daniel Dingel

“If the mere discussion of my inventions like water h20 fuel care is a cause of division among men how much more its implementation will be? Unfortunately for us we are still primitive savage in terms of out harmonious relationship and so I am afraid that mankind is not yet ready for my project and will not be ready for my operations to come. Questions: Do you not recall your reset formula before you die, so that the world benefit?” – Daniel Dingel

When exactly will we be ready? Since its inception, this invention had been given nods by our country leaders but complications always appeared before it can even go for a test run. For instance, Marcos fled the country, Aquino (the first one) could not push through with it because the government had ties with competitors, and Estrada was ousted two days before the project could start production. It’s like what that ‘20 Seconds to Fame’ documentary was flashing — it was almost there but never quite got there.

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