Date A Girl Who Has The Crazy Eyes

Date a girl who has the crazy eyes because she will help you make a decision and take a stand when necessary. Date a girl who flares up over the smallest or the greatest of things, and never over anything in between. A girl who has the penchant for black and white obviously has a clear idea of what is right and wrong. She knows what side to take and although this extremist behavior can be infuriating, it’s the same behavior that will give you the relief you have been searching for after putting up with all the inconsistencies the world has been playing safe with.

crazy eyes

Date a girl who has the crazy eyes. You won’t recognize her because the crazy eyes I’m referring to is not literal, meaning she doesn’t have esotropia, exotropia, hypertropia, or hypotropia, okay? If you are not familiar with all these ‘tropia’ terms then just google them (or, because you’re lazy, click on this link). Your friends and family will recognize her though. She’s that clingy tootsie who morphed from her previous cool self to the barbie doll you dreamed of, or to the girl-pal archetype that society has unwittingly turned some lassies into.  They will recognize her because she seemed to nod in agreement with everything you have stupidly claimed as your ideas, even though she was quite aware that you stole them from a genius somewhere. That’s how nuts she is about you. She will aim to please and make you happy because at that point in her life, making you happy makes her happy and there’s nothing selfless about this despite people’s protestation.

A girl with crazy eyes stares at everything head on. You are never a distraction. She is focusing on you because that’s how she believed people should be treated. Eyes shouldn’t wander, she believes that it’s rude to even look at a different direction while the probable best thing in her life is right in front of her. She doesn’t swerve; like driving, it’s just plain illegal. She knows what she wants and with sheer determination, she will have it. Take note, she knows what is right and wrong so getting what she wants is carefully laid out in such a way that she will not hurt another person. Don’t confuse her with desperation. She’s far from that. You’re a good catch but there are better.


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Days with a girl who has crazy eyes is time well-spent. Where else can you possibly experience all extreme emotions in one go? She will rattle your cage and mold your mental state like how a potter molds a clay when he is yet to decide how his artwork will turn out. You will feel ecstasy one minute then feel utmost remorse the next. There will be passion, vehemence, rage, elation, despondency, and fervor rolled in one that will, if you’re lucky, last more than just a few days. Yes, like a chef who have decided to dive into experimenting, she will chop, gut, and knead when needed; assay ingredients and shake down the basic tastes that you and her knew of.

You will doubt yourself when you date a girl with crazy eyes but doubts are normal. Doubts are important, without them you become cocky. When she taunts you for a screaming match, then walk into the ring because she will test you. Never walk away. She needs to know if you can take it like a man. She needs to know if you will go home holding her hand or you will go home wetting your trousers. After all, a screaming match with this girl is as normal as the conversations you have had over coffee – only louder and crankier.

Date a girl who has crazy eyes because she is familiar. You know you have seen those eyes before. Your mom and grandmother have the same pair when they talk to you about your future or when you bring a girl home who might just steal you away one day. Your sister or female cousins have the same eyes when they are caught in that idiotic web called love. Your ‘girl’ friends don the same pair when they too have episodes of their own. You have known these eyes since you were a babe. The same pair that lovingly looked on, angrily held on, and sadly accepted the truth that change is inevitable.

If you still don’t get it, here’s another whack at it.

Date a girl who has crazy eyes because she is that girl in front of you – whether she is the girl who reads, the girl who travels, the girl who writes, or the girl who catches her fart and offers it to you. All girls have crazy eyes and that’s something that men have to accept. There are different reasons involved. People can go on narrating the fairy-tale like benefits of the categories that they have placed the female species in but it will not change the fact that your dream girl won’t always be a dream girl. In truth, she can be a nightmare and that should be okay because there will be rough roads ahead. The princess can easily mutate into an ogre or a witch without warning. The best tactic is to come up with a character of your own that will complement hers. (Besides, you too won’t always be the prince(ss) charming she hoped you to be.)

Take comfort in knowing that all that craziness will just be temporary. Like everything else, it will not last forever. It’s not a phase but it’s also not annoyingly frequent. So go ahead and date your dream girl – the girl who plays the guitar, the girl who fights for a cause, the girl who paints, the girl who dances with wild abandon, the girl who can kick your ass, the girl who manages 500 employees, or the girl who just don’t give a shit. Date her but remember that she is also the girl who has the crazy eyes. She will not always be like what she is generally known for. She is not perfect but she is right for you. Date her, love her.

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