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Doi Domasian

Meet Doi. 30-something who quit being a corporate junkie two years ago so she can do the things she loves doing – travelling and blogging. Generally, that’s how I sell her to guys…errrr, I mean, people we meet during our travels but we’re not really here to be general now, are we? Let’s rummage through my trunk of memories and see how she evolved from acquaintance to my wingman. If this article becomes tat too loose, I hope she will forgive me.

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Doi and I back in 2008, look how close we were

I first met Doi a few years ago after I decided to resign from my lifesaving stint in Dubai, UAE and go back to Cebu City, Philippines to be reunited with my ex-boyfriend. I was the newbie in the team whilst she was the autistic senior Quality Evaluator who preferred to be left alone. I remembered going to great lengths just to avoid talking to her because I could never seem to get her to smile. If I tried to strike up a conversation with her, she would respond with the same nonchalant manner like as if I was the most boring person in the world. Yes, it wasn’t ‘like’ at first sight, nor was it at the second, third and next sights thereafter. It took a long time for our friendship to warm up and it took one Thailand-Cambodia backpacking trip for her to realize that I will be her coolest friend (ever).

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I guess there is some truth to the ‘opposites attract’ theory because Doi and I are like that. I like to talk, she prefers to listen. You’ll catch me dancing in a bar, but you’ll find Doi seated and probably having a decent conversation with another friend. Wardrobe wise, I like to experiment with colors but she sticks to her greys, blacks, and whites. I rarely drink but she drinks like a fish. She takes a bath for 2 hours (YES, 2 hours!) but I can be as quick as 15 minutes. You get the picture, right?

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We are different but we found a way to use them to our advantage. Our differences jived and accommodated one another. Of course, they only got us as far as it can manage to take us. The rest of the way, we learned to compromise. We discovered that there were things that we disliked in the past, which we now found ourselves growing attached to. Some of these things were too small to be considered significant but most of them, were big enough to impact the decisions we make and the ones we will make.

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Doi’s best asset – her flexibility. She can easily adjust her plans if necessary or can stretch her tolerance level to its maximum capacity for a bigger cause. Change is something that she is used to and since I am one of her closest friends, my fickleness get to abuse this once in a while. But while she tries her mightiest to be caring and patient with the people she loves, she will also not hesitate to give them a cup full of brutal honesty if that is what it takes for them to comprehend the lesson. Believe me when I say that it will hurt but you’ll get over it because her intentions are always good.

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That’s Doi – my wingman, laugh trip buddy, binge partner, life/love counselor, and one-third of the backpacking trio..

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If you want to get to know my friend Doi more, please visit her website .

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  1. hahaha. had a great time reading this den. thanks for the kinds words. i don’t take a bath for 2 hours oie. but yeah, i guess i have to accept the fact that i’ll be your wingman whenever the need arises 😆

    • denramonal says

      hahaha…great! that mean’s you’re not going to kill me…thanks for everything, doiskie!

  2. “..can stretch her tolerance level.. ” I’ve tested this many times, so true!

    • denramonal says

      hahaha…i guess that means we are in her close friends category…lol…