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  1. Hi!

    My name is Doi and I’m a Facebook addict.

    I want to stop but I don’t know how. A part of me is saying I’m too KSP and that I feel so alone and FB is where I could exist and engage in meaningful conversations with my so-called “cyber friends” because in real life, I refuse to speak or air out my thoughts. I guess it’s my therapy for my boredom, for my lack of best friends who already chose to live their own lives. I really want to stop this addiction too. But that means stopping my blogging hobby and everything else. I know I need to work something out soon too and I hope I can find a way to stop this addiction.

    I wish I could just fly there Den so that we could laugh all night long and plan our future trips.

    I miss you Denskie!


    • @Doi, FAA Club kaayo oi…so unsa ka, President? Ako kay undangan na gyud nako oi, giluod na gyud kog tanaw sa akong status updates…admitting that you’re an addict is the first step…we can do this…let go, Doi…let go…LOL! I miss you too Doiskie…I have so many things to tell you…as in so many…

  2. just recently, i’m actually beginning to realize that i wasted too much precious time on Facebook; especially those days that i was addicted to playing an fb game called farmtown. horrible! imagine, losing many nights of sleep and turning like a zombie at work. holy moly mother of pearl what had i done? your thoughts exactly, what was i thinking!?

    since i don’t want to totally leave Facebook (it’s still a cool place to keep in touch with family and cherished friends), i decided to create a page and start my money-making venture. this way, i do something productive and just tune in within my appointed business hours. so far, it’s working well.

    • @Dayce, korak Ate Lan…I used to play that vampire wars game too and it was ridiculous how much time I wasted…I could have done something more productive…anyway, at least now I’m doing something about my addiction…lol…

  3. Smithf890 says

    Very nice! aebkefckba

    • Thank you, Smith! My personal facebook account is officially dead by the way. LOL