God Delivers

I just recently posted a photo of my recent discovery in instagram. When I realized (a little later than expected) that God made one of my dreams come true, I couldn’t help but laugh. I love this man (if I may be permitted to refer to Him as that) and His sense of humor.


You see, when I was little, I dreamt of becoming the next Janis Joplin. (Yes, the ‘Queen of Psychedelic Soul’ who was also once known as the ‘Queen of Rock and Roll’ at the height of her career.) Back then, I was imagining that I was going to have my own fanatic followers who will be screaming my name, who will go crazy when I performed,  who will listen to me sing and talk, and who will even watch in amazement when I danced. Well, I got what I wanted. As a kindergarten teacher, I rocked like Janis Joplin and I have hordes of mini-munchkins who would adoringly follow me around. When I walk into the classroom, I hear my name being chanted and the roar of applause every time I finish singing a song. It’s not entirely in the same package with Janis’ stage, but the experience is similar nonetheless.

It’s funny how I got exactly what I asked for.

rockstar teacher

What a lot of people don’t realize is – we always get what we have wished for, just not at the same time and definitely not in a similar package. The last two notions may be the culprit as to why many people believe that God does not play fair in terms of giving. God, the Almighty Father, is the most generous. He actually enjoys spoiling us. He indulges our every whim, no matter how ridiculous or unnecessary it may be. The only thing that we need to remind ourselves of is — it has to be given at His own perfect time. We don’t know when, where, or how but it will be given. That information is none of our business.

For example, when I was eight I wanted to have my own magic carpet (because I was inspired by the book entitled ‘Arabian Nights’) so I can see the world. At 21, I didn’t get my magic carpet but I had my passport instead which allowed me to travel to different parts of the world. Of course, it was only appropriate that since I was inspired by the Arabian Nights that my first travel will be to an Arab country. I also dreamt of making snow angels and digging my way to China from our backyard (thanks to Daffy Duck’s influence) and guess what? My first snow experience was in China and I made friends with people there who I can describe as angelic. Further, I dreamt of changing the world through volunteering. Ten years after, I stepped foot in India as a volunteer and was taught the hard lesson that I can (surprisingly) contribute to change through other ways.

IMG_9605 Go ahead, you can even be a fairy princess for a day if you dream it.

I am not going to narrate all my dreams and prayers here. Trust me, some of them are not even worth mentioning. The point is, God will make all of them happen and I am not just talking about the ones that you uttered out loud. We have to remember that God knows our thoughts as well. All those secret longings are bound to come true. Let me cite my first kiss as proof. I secretly nurtured my first kiss as one, passionate, long kiss that was similar to what I saw in the movies and I got it alright. It was passionate and I guess it was too passionate with all that tongue and saliva invading my mouth. It was long because I honestly didn’t know what was happening and I wanted it to end soon; thus it felt like eternity. It was ‘one’ because I made sure it never happened again. Mind you, I spent months traumatized by that kiss and many nights asking myself, “Am I still a virgin?” When you’re young, you don’t really know much about these things and when I was young, no one bothered explaining to me what really happens in a kiss.

My advice is similar to what other people would normally say. Be careful with what you wish for because you will get it. I’m not discouraging you from wanting. Go ahead. Want, dream, pray. I’m sure you have your reasons for asking. God never gave us a quota anyway. You can make as many requests as you can. God can handle it. The question is, can you? Will you promise to never procrastinate when He finally gives it to you? Will you be thankful? Will you understand the lesson? Will you be ready? Will you not lose heart?

You’ll know your answers soon enough. Just remember, the moment you click that ‘send’ button in your e-mail to God, there’s no turning back. He delivers, always.

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