Goodbye 2014

Before 2014 ends, I will be introducing a new tradition for my blog – year ender! Yup, a quick run through of how my year went and noting only the most significant ones of course.

1. Caught up with friends who I have not seen in ages.

catching up

2. Went on another solo trip by visiting amazing Burma and meeting new friends along the way.


3. Experienced the Bangkok Shutdown and adding my first martial law to that.


4. Celebrated the Lunar New Year in Luang Prabang, Laos , visited Vientianne for the 4th time, and finally crossed out Phonsavan in my list of places to discover.


5. Said goodbye to my Attamit family and my former life in Bangkok, Thailand.

bye attamit

6. Started my humanitarian work.


7. Travelled around the the Visayas region and loved every moment of it.


8. Came home for the holidays.

happy 2014

2014 was awesome and I thank God for His wonderful blessings.

Yes, I’m not 23 anymore and I will always have those scars on my face – one from the barb wire that I tried to escape from, several of those because of an acne problem I had, and another for taking that blow in Bahrain. My nostrils will always be proudly flared – a testament of my father’s blood, my jaws squared to sheer determination, and yes those cheeks will always be chubby (and will get chubbier every year). This is okay. This is happiness wrapped in a recycled box that never seem to ran out of use. This is just another 33-year old woman who has lost interest in breathing fire because debates have lost their former shine.

Come on 2015, can’t contain my excitement anymore. Happy new year everyone.

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