Handmade Postcards For A Cause

I have finally started my fundraising initiative after months of deliberating on what project I was going to sink my teeth on. In the beginning, I have thought of mounting my own dance-drama but removed the idea in my list after weighing my limitations. So many ideas were swimming in my head but I didn’t know which one to start with. I wanted to work on something that was close to my heart, at the same time, something that will allow me to share some information about development organizations that promote volunteering like VSO Bahaginan. VSO Bahaginan’s commitment to fight poverty through a wide range of volunteering development programs have paved the way for skilled professionals like me to work in partnerships with organizations in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific, amongst others.

I finally decided a week ago on what I wanted to do. I was going to focus on creating souvenir items like postcards, fridge magnets, and shirts. The fridge magnets and the shirts are still on the works but my postcards are out. In fact, I just sold my first four today!


My first happy customer!

To be honest, a lot of my friends told me to just get the money from my own pocket and get it over with. Heck, one even proposed that he will just give me the money. I never paid heed to this suggestion because it defeated the purpose. The main goal was not just to raise the funds but to reach out to as many people as possible and promote awareness for volunteering.

Making the postcard

People ask me why I have to go through the trouble of making handmade postcards rather than just mass-produce them by printing hundreds in one go. I have thought of this too and have discussed it with my colleagues but dropped it like a hot tamale when I realized that I’ll need to shell out more money. Money is not a problem when you have sponsors but if you have none for these kinds of projects, you’ll have to learn to rely on good, old-fashioned resourcefulness to make your plans possible. In my case, I preferred to invest my skills and offer my hard work to whoever was interested. Besides, I‘m not the only one working on this project. I have been blessed with friends, co-workers, and students who were more than willing to help me.

Postcard 1

All of my postcards are handmade (and hand-written) and not one is printed. Each postcard is unique and tells a story about volunteering. I have received requests from people about how they want their postcards to look like and because I want to keep my customers happy, I tried to make something close to what they wanted without compromising my volunteerism concept.


The best thing about my postcards are – they are quite affordable (being handmade and all). They only cost THB60.00 per postcard and I give discounts to those who will purchase more than one.

If you want to help me with my cause and order, please go to Tutu On The Run’s Facebook fan page and leave a message or you can just leave a comment here.

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  1. The dance-drama doesn’t seem a bad idea. You can put a signboard in Khao San Road and do your stuff there. hehe. But the postcards look great Den!

  2. thanks Ed…your request is a lil difficult to make but I’ll try my best…how many was it again? 😉

  3. lovely. ^_____^ seems you are art incarnation.

  4. Very creative! Nice artwork! 🙂

    • thanks robin…check out the album in fb for the photos…i’ll be posting the new cards…and yeah, thanks for your (ehem) generous donation…LOL

  5. this is a great advocacy miss den! how can i buy those postcards?