Hurrah Is Spelled Quattro

Day 4 of my facebook sobriety and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. When I made a decision to stop going online in facebook a few days ago, I was determined to walk the talk.

Day 44 days sober!!!

In the past, you would probably catch me announcing that I was not going to be checking my account for a few weeks but the truth was, I was still lurking around; obviously online but was just not posting anything or liking/commenting any of the updates in my feeds. It was crazy to realize how absurd that was and I think I have  mentioned “pathetic” in my last article. Seriously, who does that? I think I’m the only who does that.

My friends have been taunting me for days by tagging me and making comments but so far I’m still on the right track. What I do when I receive a notification in my phone is, I immediately click the delete button and that’s that. No fuss. I don’t even worry too much about people’s reactions like how I used to when I was unable to respond to queries the soonest, when I took too long in accepting a friend’s request, or when someone left a private message.  I just didn’t care. The urge was not my problem. I don’t have the urge. My problem was how my fingers automatically clicked on the facebook application on my phone without me realizing what I was doing. It’s actually scary how unaware I was of my mindless habitude. In Day 1, I caught myself twice doing so. Upon realization, I would quickly click on the ‘exit’ button whilst turning my head to the side. That was how disgusted I was with my addiction.

Although friends have been placing bets as to how long it will take before I finally give in, I pay them no heed. Maybe they’re right (because I truly was excessive in my facebook usage) or maybe they’re wrong. It doesn’t matter. I said I will give it a try and try I will. So far, Day 4 is an absolute reason to celebrate.

IMG_20130916_233621 4 days is a big deal!

After 4 days, I have learned so much about how I have ineffectively managed my time in the past. Without facebook, I have accomplished more and I seemed to have enough time to get things done. I was able to finish painting the three bag orders that I have been neglecting for sometime, finalized my documents and papers for my fab trips this October, completed recording my students’ grades and preparing their final exams (way ahead of the deadline), read the three sequels that my cousin suggested two months ago (I’m still upset that the Emma character didn’t die in the end!), went back to watching plays, danced for an hour every night, and still got enough sleep.

Yes, these are all proofs of how much time I waste on facebook and just to clarify, this is only about facebook. I am not obsessed with the other social networks like instagram, twitter, and blogging. I moderately used them, often rarely, so they’re not really the issue.

The plan was to not log on for two weeks. So let’s hope that I’ll survive with my head up high until my two-week graduation on September 28. Hurrah to me!

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