I’m Putting Postcards Back In The Map!

It’s 3:11am and I really should go to sleep; but (irritatingly) found myself unable to do so. Instead, here I am typing away while the rest of Bangkok is happily blessed by the sandman. I literally stink because I have not taken a bath today (or yesterday, since it’s already morning) and have not brushed my teeth. Yes, this is just one of the ‘unhygienic perks’ of being cooped up in your apartment. My back hurts and my fingers are numbed from making too much postcards. Don’t get me wrong. I am actually  complaining with pride. Like what I have said, I love what I am doing and I am very happy that my little project is (to quote my friend Ed) “booming;” I just wish that my body clock would cooperate.


I am not usually this messy.

For 3 straight days, I have done nothing but sketch, paint, and agonize over the details of the postcards that I was making; most especially now that I was given an opportunity to feature my handmade postcards in an Art Fair. I have to at least prepare 50 postcards worth showing and this does not include the pending orders that I still have on my list. As of the moment, I have finished postcard #74.

2nd 25

Postcards #26-50

3rd 25 lacking 1

Postcards #51-74

While making this article, a friend just sent me a private message informing me that he wants to order 24 postcards. God bless his soul and God bless my brother for giving me a journal which now also serves to keep track of the postcard orders along with my thoughts and schedule.

I apologize but I think I’ll end this article here. I could no longer concentrate on what I am writing because I feel so clammy. I might take that much-deserved bath before going to sleep. There is absolutely no reason for me to continue smelling like a bag lady.

For those who are curious about my first few works, you can check my first 25 postcards in my Let’s Get It On entry.

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  1. beautiful works! proud of you den! 🙂

    • denramonal says

      thanks teh ich…still have not work on your orders…but will update you soon, ok? love you!