India Gate, Not Indian Gate

Over the weekend, my co-volunteers and I finally decided that the weekends will be allotted not just for parties but also for opportunities to discover amazing India. So the trend will be, weekdays are dedicated for volunteer work but weekends and holidays are set for Dora-like explorations.

To be honest, we have already started this project before the year ended but I don’t think my visit to Akshardam Temple can be counted since we only had our brochures as proofs that we have visited the place. Taking of photos and videos in and outside the vicinity was prohibited. Wait, let me rephrase that. You can take photos in the parking lot area where, if it was not foggy, the roof of the temple may be seen in your photo. Anyway, I’ll write about that visit some other time. For now, let’s talk about India Gate.

India Gate

India Gate at 3pm. It was said to have been inspired by Arc de Triomphe in Paris

India Gate, and not Indian Gate, should not be confused with the Gateway of India which is located in Mumbai. This national monument is located three or four kilometers from where I live and have become even more famous these days because of the supposed peaceful protests catapulted by the gang-rape incident which happened last December 16, 2012.

When we arrived at the place, it was barricaded by the Delhi police.  No one was allowed to go inside so we were forced to take photos near the main road where vendors would hound you of their wares or insist on applying henna on your hand, or where ever else that were outside the borders they set.

Barricaded India Gate

Since we couldn’t really do anything much, we proceeded to the next part of the itinerary which was Humayun’s Tomb; but I’ll write about it on another day.

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