It’s A Hairy Story

I have been meaning to write about my pre-birthday experience but have prolonged it because I honestly didn’t know how to describe it. This pre-birthday experience was a 3-hour session at a local shop in Davao City, Philippines called LayBare where I chose a package of having my eyebrows tweezed and being stripped of my hair which were strategically placed by God in my armpits, legs, and (yes) down there.

Lay Bare Davao Package

LayBare was generous enough to give me a 15% discount since it was my birthday month; hence instead of paying Php875, I paid PhP743.75 only

I am sure other women find the whole ordeal quite normal and even tolerable but as for me, let’s just say I promised not to do that to myself again. I even shared all the sordid details with my bestfriend but after laughing about it, he asked me why I bothered doing it anyway. I explained that my friend, Ceara, convinced me to do it just so I’ll have an idea, amongst many reasons. The discussion about this topic ran for twenty minutes until I finally ended it by blaming men in general. “Why is that our fault?” my bestfriend asked and I couldn’t help throwing the “why” back at him.

Why? Why do women go to a waxing salon? Why risk to undertake a bloody procedure (it was literally bloody to me) all to remove something that has a reason for being there in the first place? Why bear hours (not to mention wasting your money) of having your hair plucked like a chicken to be roasted?


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Some women would say that they are doing it for themselves and not for men or for anyone else, but this may be debatable. Men have altered the concept of beauty concerning visible hair. Some men bluntly showed how appalled they were every time they saw hair on women, while some try to be delicate, and others (my bestfriend says he is one of them) just don’t mind at all; but then these ‘others’ are so few that their opinions are hardly counted by the majority. And because, most men have made it clear that ‘hairless beauty’ is the preference; it was embedded that visible hair has been widely disapproved of and considered to be embarrassing. Sadly, despite the recent movement, most women are still influenced by men’s perception of beauty (be it about hair and lack thereof, the relative fair skin, or so-called appropriate weight). In fact, I know many women who go through the painful process of epilation just to please their partners; and I also know of some who agonize over the conception because other people have also viewed the matter as such.

Hairy Women

Yay or Nay? Society obviously dictates ‘nay’ (even famous people like Julia Roberts and Beyonce were criticized for displaying their hairy ensemble)

Shamefully, I admit that I am one of this ‘some’ that I am referring to. I remember laughing my heart out inside the train after my friend pointed to another passenger who was braving her hairy armpit ensemble for the whole Bangkok to see. Looking back now, I would have to salute that woman for having buckets full of guts.

Okay, maybe it was not fair to put the blame on men solely. After all, this is not a new trend. Epilation has been necessitated by old societies, whereas western culture had always traditionally considered the aesthetic procedure as a must-have. So, who can say who’s to blame when history does not state who promulgated it anyway? I guess, it may be safe to say that men supported and strengthened what was started and everyone else just got on the silly bandwagon.


The Aftermath. I forced a smile just for the heck of it but was really thinking “NEVER AGAIN.”

I guess it’s obvious that my vote is a NAY and you are right, I will not go back to a waxing salon again and I will leave my hair to its natural state. In fact, I made a bet with bestfriend that I can squeeze a giggle out of him if I showed him my hairy armpits when he visits me next year. He says I can try and try I will.

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  1. am asking the same question too. why do it? is it tungod naa kay ka date na keke? or just to try it? LOL
    will i be seeing a jungle in your armpits the next time we meet then? 😆

    • yes, a new kind of jungle doiskie kay naa mi bet ni robin…i’d be damned if i lost that bet kay di gyud ko pwede mapildi niya…balo naka…hahaha…ako kay for the heck of it ra gyud ko adto pero di nako muusab!

  2. Buingots hahahaha thats all i can say Den , pwerte nako kalingaw sa imong post

  3. Okay, I don’t know about “not minding at all”. I definitely won’t laugh (which I don’t do on a normal basis anyway) or giggle if I saw a woman with hairy armpits, legs etc (So as far as our bet, you’re gonna lose! I won’t give a damn how bushy those underarms will be). We do have our preferences however…just as long as her legs are not as hairy as mine, then we’re good! 🙂 I believe it’s subconscious; more testosterone = more hair, which unfortunately is associated with “manliness” and men prefer to be “manlier” than his counterpart…prefer women not be hairier than him, not be more muscular than him etc. Likewise, women prefer to be well, “womanlier”. I’m sure you prefer guys who don’t have big boobs, nice, silky hair and soft, supple skin. If you did, I could bet my life, you wouldn’t want them to be bigger, nicer, silkier, softer and suppler than yours.

    • ang haba naman neto! feel na feel mo talagang magcomment kasi nageffort ka pahabain comments mo this time…lol…di nako mag-rebuttal dito kasi nag-usap na tayo ukol dito sa phone…lol