It’s Called A Cause And You Can Have One Too

My ultimate project this year was to help. In any way I can, in every opportunity that comes my way. Probably by now, some of you would assume that I’m a delusional goody-two-shoes who is out to put Mother Theresa to shame. You assumed wrong. I’m not even close to that. I’m just another concerned citizen who decided to contribute to change after being self-centered for the longest time.


Change can happen anywhere, to anyone, and can be done through various means. Giving up your seat to the elderly (other than being comforted with seeing the appreciation in the person’s face) will trigger another person to do the same thing on the next time. Offering to carry a stranger’s load when she seemed to have too much can aid the person to be more efficient and she might even pay this kindness forward one day. Dancing in a fund raising event can generate money for an organization that will provide food and medicine to the poor. Recycling can lessen pollution. Volunteering to teach the unprivileged will help them aim for a better life and will prepare them for economical battles that everyone else are facing. Providing food and shelter to friends can rebuild their self-worth. Praying can make miracles happen.

People Who Need Help

Small things like these can go a long way as they, most of the time, make the biggest impact on people who were probably on the toughest situations at that time when help was given.

I am not encouraging you to do it twenty-four hours a day. I know this is asking too much. I know how important it is to have a ‘me’ time and I also know that you need to be full before you can start sharing something. All I’m asking is for you to allot a maximum of 10 minutes in your 24 hours for a cause that you believe in. It has to be something close to your heart so that you will never find faults in it.


In my case, teaching those who do not have the means to learn is my cause and is always worth half of my 24. For the past three weeks, other than being a kindergarten teacher in a private school here in Bangkok, Thailand, I (along with some friends) have been teaching English to the families of the 1st Division King’s Guard. The class we handle is a mix of learners with ages ranging from 8 to 55 years old. Yes, it is not the most ideal lot but we try to make the most of what we have since we only have one room to use and we are still making changes to the program which we just started over three weeks ago.

Volunteer Work

This program was initiated by the owner of the Muay Thai Gym that we train in. We fondly call him P’Noi and other than helping his fellow Thais in learning to communicate in English, he also offers scholarships to youngsters who were willing to learn Muay Thai in his gym. This is his way of keeping them off the streets and making sure that the Thai culture lives on. He is also the type of person who is constantly thinking of new ways of reaching out to people, so when he mentioned that we he wanted to expand his ‘Learning English’ project to the provinces, I immediately told him that I will be happy to help.

PN Gym Team

That’s P’Noi in black; the shirtless guy is my trainer, Pi Rung

I know, I make impulsive decisions but things like these are just not the ones that I spend too much time deciding on. You can get an immediate and happy YES from me because these projects make me feel that I am making this big, bad world a much fairer place to live in (not to mention, that these activities get me out of my usual routine). Further, you never know what else you’ll get by helping. There are always unexpected surprises which you never thought would happen. For instance, my friend, Andrea, and I will be enjoying a discounted rate on our Muay Thai classes starting next week and we were also invited to learn for free the unarmed ancient martial arts of Thailand that is referred to as Muay Boran. Isn’t that the coolest?!?

So what do you say? Are you ready to make a change?

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