Kiss Me Quick!

There is none better than the heated rush of brushing your lips with someone after an eternity of leaning forward. There is nothing likened to planting your lips for the first time after hours of wondering (and hoping) ‘are you going to kiss me or not!’ And for a moment, your heart would plummet to 0 and up again as you breathe in the musk that surely did not belong to you.


Yes, kisses are quite intoxicating and addictive. Even the ones that land gently on another’s cheek, yes that one. The one that could mean so many things – a hello, a goodbye, or a promise that is about to bloom. Or the ones that could fatten your heart or break it when they are gently laid on your forehead or the tip of your nose. There are even kisses that leave you deliberating between ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’ after his or her tongue violates your space. There are kisses that are least expected after almost centuries of build-up where you asked for a sparkler but you ended up ogling over a million fireworks. And most of all, there are those that last forever long after your lips have parted.

Oh the beauty of kisses. There are so many things that we can share through a kiss, words that we can only convey when we decide to stop talking and step forward – to lock lips and drown ourselves in a river of questions that have immediate answers. There will be no need to open our eyes because kissing is the only moment that we set aside the importance of our sight.

kissing spree

This is why I have always wondered why kisses are underrated and pushed aside to pave the way for a more vulgar concept such as sex. Why is the whole world more concerned with sex? People go to great lengths perpetually discussing the best or most interesting positions, who’s still a virgin and who’s a cunt, or whether you rock the boat like a guru or you paddle like a damned novice. Everything these days – books, movies, TV ads, even photographs are spiced up with sex and if you ask me, it gets irritating at some point.

People argue that sex sells and that it may probably be the only safe thing that thrill-seekers can preoccupy themselves with. I , of course, out-argue that: one, sex is not always safe and two, there are other thrills that can keep thrill-seeking maniacs busy. Thrills like travelling, bungee-jumping, or since we are on the topic, even kissing. Seriously, kissing can be equally thrilling if you give it a chance. This, and other health benefits like boosting your immunity, burning calories, keeping your facial muscles strong and naturally relaxing you can give you the ‘kick’ that you need.

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