Leg 4 (How Many Legs Are There In This Backpacking Trip?)


Lunch was perfect! What can I say, I was too hungry to care about what we were eating. The more important thing was, we were sated and our feet were able to relax a bit before we continue with our temple tour.

Ta Prohm Temple 1

The next temple we went to was Ta Prohm Temple. This temple was built between the late 12th and early 13th centuries. It was originally named Rajavihara and was located one kilometer east of Angkor Thom, one the places we visited in the earlier part of the day. This is also one of the well-known temples in Cambodia because it has been used as a production site for movies like the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Two Brothers. I have seen both movies and the latter is closer to my heart, not only because I am fond of tigers but also because its plot had more substance.

Ta Prohm Temple 2

You know how it is when daydreamers say that some trees are dancing? I would have to agree with them during our visit in Ta Prohm. In fact, they were not just dancing but marking territories as their roots claimed the ruins of the temple. This was the temple’s most distinctive feature. Mother Nature sure has a way with reclaiming her glory.


While roaming around, I had a change of heart in terms of my initial reaction to the US$20 temple pass. Initially (because I am stingy), I was somewhat between hot and cold but now I was on fire. It was more than worth it!


I guess the only sad part of this itinerary was seeing Khmer children selling and insisting souvenir goods to the tourists. When we went there, it was a school day so it disheartened me to see children as young as five years old working. I am a strong believer that every child has the right to learn and play but unfortunately, the poverty in Cambodia will not allow people to accommodate this principle.

By the way, please take note of this next advice. ALWAYS BRING A BOTTLE OF WATER WITH YOU!!! (Most especially if you are as unflagging as we are.)

Den and Ed at Angkor Wat

Ed and I doing our signature karate moves!

The next stop was Angkor Wat – the largest Hindu temple complex in the world. The temple was built by King Suryavarman in the early 12th century and it was the first to break from the Shaivism tradition of previous kings; Angkor Wat was instead dedicated to Vishnu.


This is also the most famous of all the temples we have seen. Everybody wanted to see the temple. If you talk to other tourists or would be visitors of Cambodia, I would assume that they will say “I want to go to Angkor Wat!” Well, I don’t blame them. The temple was indeed a sight to behold.

Ankor Wat 1

20012011(031)However there was one irritating incident while I was there. Wait, make that two. First, Iko (despite being fully charged when we left the guesthouse) decided to take a nap half-way through; and second, the Khmer guards did not allow me and Doi to climb up to the highest level. He told me that I was wearing something inappropriate and that my shorts were too “sexy, sexy.” Ed was able to proceed though and I hated him right at that moment. Out of my frustration, I pointed to other tourists who were also wearing shorts and were allowed to enter. The only difference was the color of our skin but the stupid guard just shrugged.

After almost like an eternity, (Yes, that was how it was like while waiting for Ed to come down.) the three of us decided to call it a day. Although we heard that the sunset was beautiful there, we just couldn’t wait for it anymore. We thought we’ll just catch the sunset on our next visit.

While on our way out, Ed took a snapshot of me and Doi with the sun setting behind us and that officially closed the curtains of Day 2.


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