Let Us Suppose

Let us suppose that you (after going through one of the saddest period of your 33 years) have finally decided to end waging war with life, with plans, with people, with yourself because the shit you piled on your plate has gone up so high that even you have become disgusted with it. Let us suppose that you woke up this morning, after crying out to God for mercy the previous day, realizing what the problem was — that there was no problem at all. Let us suppose that a man entered your life at the same time your father left, leaving the door open so that you will not shut the door to his face, and now this new man is walking out because of all the crazy stints your brain has been able to creatively concoct without your trying.


On a motorcycle to nowhere.

Let us suppose that while you were burning brain cells today and was about to doze off, your instructor decided to dive into a topic that caught your attention – spatial relationships – which basically summarized how you dealt with your recent tragedy. Let us suppose  that spatial relationships really did reveal how you felt about yourself and your perception of other people’s presence in your life; where the general rule in using physical proximity and distance to signal desire to communicate or disinterest in interacting hit you where it counted.


Let us suppose that you are revamping your plans but they are still as uncertain as the previous ones until you have finished what you have started (as a promise to your father) but this time, you have made your peace with this uncertainty. Let us suppose that alongside this uncertainty are your plans to travel again (very soon at that) and you will tread familiar places that were responsible for all your happy thoughts in the past five years. Let us suppose that you are now preparing your travel gears for your next adventure but this time instead of the usual backpack and flip flops, you have opted for a trolley and a pair of reliable ballet flats.


Traveller me.

Let us suppose you are okay now because you know you are. Let us suppose these are all true and you are not sad. Let us suppose but then let’s not.

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