Let’s Get It On!

I have been neglecting my blog lately but I assure you that I have a valid excuse. If you can remember my last article, I mentioned that I have started my fundraising project and in a span of one week I have gone full throttle. I am happy to note that I have been able to finish and sell 28 postcards so far.

First 25

The First 25

For those who do not know, I did not have the finances to support a huge project and that was why I opted for the ‘handmade postcard’ idea. I have started the project with nothing but sheer determination and a glass full of creativity. The beginning was tough. I had doubts about the outcome of my work (after all, I am not a professional artist) but after my first set of postcards, I decided not to worry too much about people’s opinion. I reminded myself of my main goals which were to promote awareness about VSO and volunteering; as well as,  to raise the necessary funds.

Luckily, I have been blessed with very supportive friends, family, and colleagues who went out of their ways to assist me. (Thank you! This truly meant a lot to me.)

Part of the aim of the project is to sell 100 handmade postcards by the end of October, 2012. Fortunately, the rate that the orders are going is unexpectedly high and I think I may be able to reach that aim. In fact, I fear that I may not be able to keep up with the demand; but I am not complaining, okay? I am actually ecstatic!

Anyway, I am going to keep this short for now since my mind is off elsewhere. I need to go back to my postcard-making tasks. If you are interested in purchasing, please refer to the options below:

  • If you want to purchase only 1 and keep it as a souvenir, I can send it to you with stamps and a personal note about volunteering; or if you want to send one to a friend, then you can forward your friend’s name/address along with your short note to me. I’ll be the one to send the postcard from Bangkok. All you have to do is pay for the postcard fee of THB 60.00 (Php 78.00) + shipping fee of THB 20.00 (Php 26.00) = THB 80.00 (Php 104).
  • If you want to order one set of postcards (12 pieces) or more, all you have to do is pay for the postcard rate and the shipping cost will be free.
    Example: THB 60.00 x 12 = THB 720.00 / Php 78.00 x 12 = Php 936.00.

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  1. woohoo!!! booming business! congrats den!

    • denramonal says

      booming? yes. business? no. at least not yet. for the time being until I reach my 100 cards quota, all proceeds will go to VSO Bahaginan. yeah!

  2. Its pretty cool what blogging can perform. Connect you with all others.