Meeting Other Teachers: The Netherlands

The moment I saw my next postcard, I fell in love with it. I ogled over it first before reading the note at the back. It was a postcard from Jose and Jam; 33 year-olds from Netherlands who are both teachers.

Netherlands Postcard

Jose shared that he taught yoga to kids the previous year and I found this really cute. After reading the statement, so many questions crossed my mind. How do you do that? How old are the kids? Do you use tools? Being a kindergarten teacher, what I immediately created in my head were 4-7 year old children running around or giggling while copying the lotus position. Of course, there is a huge possibility that this might not be the case because the ‘kids’ that Jose may have been referring to were probably teenagers whose attention spans were far longer than the kids I originally imagined. Jam, on the other hand, is currently working with older kids in a foster home.

What are the odds of meeting other educators through postcrossing, huh? Okay, fine. Maybe it’s not that slim but it is still wonderful to come across people who have the same passion for teaching. It gladdens me to know that there are so many teachers (of different crafts) around the globe.

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