No One Is Ever Too Old To Change The World

Yes, in ballet years, I am an old woman but then we are not going to talk about ballet. We are going to talk about what matters to me the most (now) — changing the world and making a difference.

Den Ramonal pondering

You see, I am tired of people telling me that I am too old to be an idealist. I was told probably around a hundred times that the best time has passed; that there are things and people who can’t be helped no matter what I do or what others have done. What makes it worst is, you hear the same people saying the same thing to people who are younger than me and telling them that they can only be idealists now (while youth is still their excuse). Later, that sparkle will disappear and that they can never get it back once it’s gone. Further adding an encouragement to enjoy that idealism while it’s still there, to make the most of it, to fight for it but only to crush it by saying that it’s temporary. I disagree with these people.


I don’t agree with those who say that you can never be as passionate or as pumped-up as your old Fresh-Graduate-Self again. I have graduated from college years ago and have even studied masters but I am still fighting that same good fight. With all the jobs that I have tried, I have encountered countless disappointments. I watched a non-deserving employee get promoted just because she was good in licking the boss’ ass. I was punished and blamed for doing my job. I was fed to the sharks who received 6-digit salaries and left to paddle my way back to shore with my tail between my legs. I have had bosses who worked for a BPO company with an English vocabulary that stretched to 280 words and whose idea of a subject agreeing with a verb is likened to a boxing match. I have been told to revise my reports one too many times. I have been bluntly instructed to buff just because of the color of my skin. I failed in several exams and certifications. I have repeatedly held my head up high while the theater roles which I thought I deserved went to other performers. I have been a victim of sexual harassment in an office where I was disillusioned to think that I was working for well-respected heroes of my country. I can go on with my list but I don’t want to bore you.

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The main point is, we all go through some tough challenges in our lives but it is up to us to surpass these challenges. I’m sure you’ve heard of “sink or swim,” right? My advice is swim. Swim as hard as you can but don’t ever give up. Don’t ever make the mistake of raising the white flag on things  that you can’t stop yourself from thinking about. Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t lose that childlike wonder which a lot of skeptics have abandoned for practicality. Don’t settle for that next convenient thing in your list. Don’t let other people tell you what you should be doing because you are quite capable of determining that yourself.

Yes, you will watch those years pass. Yesterday, you were 22 – you believed that the world was yours for the taking. Today, you are 25 but you feel that the stupid notion ‘quarter life crisis’ is sinking its teeth on you. Tomorrow you’ll be 30 and you’ll start to panic. Then you’re the busy-body, money-driven 35 who forgot about changing the world or making a difference. If you catch yourself somewhere between 25 to 35 or older, stop. Just stop for a minute and take a breather. Count 1 to 10. Breathe. Go make mistakes for we are all entitled to them, regardless of your age. Be angry and cry if you must. Belt your frustrations out somewhere, doesn’t matter if it’s in the bathroom or in a karaoke bar. Just let it out. But after that, compose yourself and move forward. Dust it off. Never start doubting yourself and most importantly, never forget who or what you wanted to be.

what you need to do

There is no such thing as losing that passion forever. Maybe it will sleep for a while but you can always wake it up. It never dies. It’s not like your virginity; that when you give it away, you can never have it back. That’s why you have to be careful to whom you’ll give it to. Passion, on the other hand, is something else. It’s actually more like your hair. You have an option to be reckless or curious. Bad hair days are far too common when you get older; so go ahead and chop, shave, style, and color it because it will grow back to its natural look. It will never stop growing.

So, the next time someone tells you to grow up and to stop being idealistic — tell that person, “Thank you for the advice but let me help you shove it up your ass” and then smile. Or you can just give that person the finger and be vague about it.

Den Ramonal, the finger

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  1. Inspiring article, Den. Reminds me to keep the fire burning and to never lose hope.