Part-time Perks and Goodies

My tutorial session with Ben just ended and I am happy to report that I am a few hundred bucks richer than I was about an hour ago. Not to mention that I am at my favorite coffee shop enjoying a slice of chocolate cake and a cup of my beloved espresso conpana. These, amongst many others, are just a few of the goodies that I revel in because of my part-time tutorial sessions.


There are many reasons why a lot of people have part-time work. For me, I just wanted to have something to do during my free time without really pulling my hair out. Teaching others to speak and write in English was something that I was comfortable doing. Besides, sharing my knowledge with those who were willing to learn was something that I was more than happy to do. I always enjoyed spending time with those who truly wanted to be better at something, rather than waste hours with those who don’t find the need to improve.

Part-time work has always been something that I like to casually refer to as a sideline; meaning, something that you obviously do on the side (definition was meant for those who can’t seem to get the full grasp of the term). What I love most about it is the kind of flexibility it offers that a regular day job cannot. For example, I can schedule my tutorial sessions anytime after work and anywhere I want it to take place in, or cancel it whenever necessary. This week, we decided to have it at a coffee shop rather than at my pad. By doing so, not only was I happier tutoring my student, but I was also able to deviate the boredom that usually builds up in a routine setting.


This is just my side of the story. If you are interested in getting a part-time job, there are several types of work available to you. Teaching English in a non-English speaking country was my best choice but there are also other positions that one can cover. There are always vacancies at bars, hotels, and restaurants if you are not too choosy; or you can also try blogging or doing online work to earn extra income. Whatever your choice is, just make sure that you are not compromising anything. Even if it’s just a part-time job, try to make sure that it is something that you like doing and that you are not just in it for the money. The last thing you want is to catch yourself procrastinating about it one day.

How to get started? Go online. Never underestimate the power of the internet. You will find thousands of part-time jobs being offered at different sites and in different locations. If you think this is a long shot, ask friends who have part-time jobs as well and inquire about possible vacancies. I am quite sure that they will be willing to share some useful information. In fact, maybe these same people can put in a good word or two for you. Lastly, prepare that resume. What does a good resume look like? Oh, that’s an entirely different article. For now, I’ll stop here.

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