Pot Phong, Where Red Means Go

Back in January 2011, I finally had the chance to visit one of Bangkok, Thailand’s red light district named Pot Phong. Although my expectations about the place were met, there was one which I was surprised to know that I even considered to do with my friends. Watching its infamous shows was not part of the itinerary but since we were curious, we decided to give it a whack. It wasn’t hard for us to decide where to go since there were so many to choose from. It was just a matter of going to the cheapest show. Amongst the five men who approached us that night, we opted to go to the establishment called “Perfect Bar.”


Photo credit: Matteo

Initially, the man who was promoting the shows offered an enticing rate of 100 baht per person after letting us ogle over the nice list of entertaining features such as the ‘ping-pong show’ and other well-known activities that are as fascinating as the names they have came up with. 100 baht was not bad; in fact it was pretty darn good. Because we thought we were getting a pretty good deal and we obviously did not know any better, we huffed our way up without really thinking about the catch. Word of advice – something that cheap is just too good to be true.

When we got in, an unlikely bouncer greeted us and showed us to our table. While I was looking around, I observed that the man who showed us to the place was nowhere to be found. The bar reeked of molds, sweat and old beer and once you’re in, you can immediately see the performers dancing on the makeshift stage. Each lady will perform a stunt which will showcase her talent in terms of the capacity of her private organ. I would daresay that the show was not a disappointment but the strained faces of the performers were more than enough to make you lose your interest. By satisfying our curiosity, we have officially supported prostitution in Thailand — a thought that we are not proud of. After the third stunt, the bouncer returned to show us a piece of paper that screamed of 2,400 baht. We were duped! We explained to her that the man who showed us to their bar specifically informed us that it will only cost us 100 baht each and she said that the man was not an employee. She started screaming at our friend who spoke Thai as an attempt to scare us. After minutes of much needless arguing, an agreement was made and that we were only going to pay 900 baht. We decided to cough up the sum just to get it over with.

Pot Phong 1

After the banana stunt, we left the place with a sour taste in our mouths. I guess that served us right for trying to buy out the last ounce of dignity a person could have for a cheap price at a seedy place such as Pot Phong.

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