Rest Day Tuesday

After  receiving the happy news from a co-worker last night, I was quick to plan the day ahead. I told my best friend that I was going to sleep the whole day and will not think about work or will not think at all (period). So I slept late after skype-ing with friends and family for hours and woke up late with a smile on my face.


Nothing beats a genuine good sleep and when I say good, I meant not just only having enough hours but also having the elusive peace of not worrying about work, visits, reports, and revisions for a whole day. It was what I badly needed and which was probably why I have been whining a lot lately. A burn-out and a barely considered “proper break-in” do not go hand-in-hand with my personality.

Since I was obviously in a good mood, I started looking for things to do in the apartment and when I looked around, I was shocked to see what I have allowed myself to stoop into. My apartment was a complete mess, not to mention – the trash lying around just about every where. “Who lived here?” I thought. What the heck have I become in the past weeks? I have turned my apartment into little India and some major clean-up was obviously needed.

mama 1

After skype-ing again with my mom, I forced my ass to do what was necessary. I tied my hair and rolled my sleeves to get started.

First thing I did was pick up the dirty laundry scattered all over my room and while doing so, I was reprimanding myself for being untidy. Untidy was an understatement by the way because the state of my apartment was beyond that. Once done, I then proceeded with the other tasks such as sweeping and mopping the floor, scrubbing the kitchen counter, disinfecting/cleaning the toilet and tiles, and wiping dusts off just about everything I owned.

Apartment in India

Clean again, after one month of neglect!

I still felt like superwoman after doing the cleaning so I decided to wash all my dirty clothes manually. No washing machine, no dryer, no fancy equipment to make the task easier. I’m referring to old-school, hard-core hand washing (because I don’t really have a choice anyway). And like my grandmother on a sunny day, I hung my wet laundry outside to dry.

My Tuesday was very productive. For knocking myself out, I rewarded myself with concocting India’s traditional tea. I don’t think I got the taste right (just yet) but it will do for now.

household chores

While enjoying my tea, I looked around some more as to what I can do to improve my humble abode. I looked up and saw my nasty ceiling. The dripping has stopped (thank God!) but it looks even nastier now than a month ago. I couldn’t do anything about that. My landlord promised to fix that problem but he hasn’t obviously. I looked outside and thought about the covers that my boss promised to put up. Err, yes — my nosy neighbor can still keep track of my toilet business and again (he’s probably counting how many times I take a dump everyday), I couldn’t do anything about that either. But the plastic full of trash I collected from my weeks of neglect was definitely something I can do about.


I like this day. I should have more days like this (a day like this keeps the red-eyed grouch or the sulking two-year old at bay). Now, I’m thinking how this day would end – a feel-good movie perhaps? Mama Mia maybe. My friend, Doi, is probably groaning “not Mama Mia again!” If not a movie, then let’s unwind with a book. It’s about time I started reading Chokher Bali by Rabindranath Tagore. It’s so sad to see the book gathering dust on my table.

(ring…ring…ring — my dad’s calling.)

Ah yes, perfect timing. A phone call from Papa is the best way of ending this day.

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