Robin: The Best Friend

Amongst all of them, no one set the bar higher than acquaintance turned best friend, turned boyfriend, then turned back to best friend than my Robin. Yes, I will always refer to him as my Robin. Not many people understand this, but that’s just how it is between us and we never found the need to explain it because there really is nothing to explain.

robin 1

follow the arrow; Robin has always been like that – the guy on the sidelines and he has always been contented with that

20579_1313050660314_5191017_nI first met Robin in college and guess what, I hated his guts right away. When I confronted him about this many years after, his excuse was that he was just shy. I wanted to argue, but then, this was true. Small talks were not his thing, he was (and is) not the friendly-type, and would most of the time just keep mum. It’s not because he has no opinion, he just prefers sharing his opinion with people who mattered to him and at that time, I obviously did not matter yet.

Anyway, in time, we started hanging out more – casual meet-ups at our organization’s office became more frequent, canteen lunches became fancy dinner dates and late night food trips, whilst walking me home was then categorized under ‘a must-do.’ We became inseparable. Most of our free periods were spent talking and laughing in some nook in the campus and even weekends were no longer exemptions. Where ever one was, the other was also there. Together, we tested waters and created ‘firsts’ that brought out the best in each other.

robin 2

This was how we became the best of friends and even during the time when we decided to test our friendship by going further, we knew nothing will change. We even sealed this by getting (so-called) married in front of our university’s famous statue, Oble and twenty other people wearing white. No, it wasn’t a real one. People phrased it as our hippie wedding, but we like to look at it as two crazy, love-struck kids who didn’t know any better. I wish I had the pictures with me but unfortunately, they are stacked in my old trunk back home. (I don’t have the heart to tell my father to rummage through my junk and scan old pictures. My father is better off saving lives, and yes, scan them because digital photos were rare during those years and we only have printed ones.)

The years changed the paths that my good friend and I were treading and pushed us to fight for different causes. He found himself in Canada while I was constantly changing my mind and drifting from one place to another. Despite this, he was still there and I knew he will always be there for me just as he promised. He taught me the importance of a family by making me part of his. This was the same family who took me in without questions.

Cases Family

Cases Family – I could never thank them enough!

He was my punching bag when I was mad at the world. He put up with my fickleness and waited for me to decide on matters that I could not seem to make up my mind to. He listened patiently as I cried like a madwoman every time some jerk broke my heart. He grieved with me for lost things that others may consider petty. Most of all, he believed in everything good that I can offer to the world.

He was all these things and he still is. Sometimes I wonder why he puts up with me but then, that’s what best friends are for. (LoL) Den and Robin

Thank you.

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  1. basta ako, loyal den-robin fan ako. die hard fan that is! mayta maigo ug kilat ang mga pakipot dha oi para naa nay period ang den-robin love saga! 😆

    • denramonal says

      hala ka noh! ikaw na gyud doiske…ed is asking ngano daw wa kay update sa imu blog!? feeling manager nimu xa…hahah

      • tell him exempted sa ko kay busy sa hospital and no wifi there. hehe
        and malain ta, asa naman imo gravatar? dugaya ana oi! hmpf!