Round And Round The Merry-Go-Round

When I was conducting my Kindergarten 1 class today, the Thai teacher and our assistants spent more time ensuring that our 3 year old rascals maintained the supposed-circle during our singing activity. The ones who were singing were the adults while the rest of the class hummed, squealed, ran in and out, and have uncaringly let their little bodies be dragged by us instead of ideally ‘walking around the circle.’

walk around the circle

Barely a circle but it will do. There is no point in being obsessive-compulsive with toddlers!

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I loved every minute of it. I enjoyed watching those little dragons have fun and unknowingly make their nannies’ lives miserable by just being themselves. I watched in amazement how easy and difficult (at the same time) it was to please them. While doing so, it made me think of how very much alike are we (not so young people) to these children when we are caught by the clutches of love (or at least, something close to that  for the others).

We too like to hum, squeal, run in and out, and uncaringly allow ourselves to be dragged because the experience is just too beautiful to fight, too boundless to play by the adult rules for, and too unpredictable to tamper with. We let it take us to where ever it wanted to take us, most times we go round and round that merry-go-round while speed builds up in every turn. We stop only when we become dizzy and get back on again; until ultimately we plunge into the inevitable fall.


The fall can be good, bad, or good and bad at the same time. It depends on how you perceive it to be. Some people perceive the fall as a happy risk of nose-diving into a significant other’s arms, for others it is the endless pit of waiting — to land or to take flight, a few see it as a rabbit hole where one completely disappears into the unknown with all other crazies, while the rest regard it as the dry pool that leaves you bloodied and bruised.


Remind me again why I am writing this article? Oh yes, I am writing this article for a friend. To remind her, that like my kindergarten students who were knocked out in the end after having so much fun, she too needs to ‘brush it off’ and move on to the next more important thing – a city to discover, a delicacy waiting to be cooked, a book itching to be read, or a lover to share your dreams with  (but then a lover this soon may not be such a good idea so scrap that last suggestion). Just Move on.

(Take that step and let go. Cliche as this may sound but that one step will lead to a hundred more that will take you to places where you have never imagined yourself you’ll end up in. Good luck.)

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