So I was my neurotic self again today and because my nerves have gone haywire, I have decided to go out on a Saturday night after sleeping the whole day through. I didn’t feel like being entirely alone but I also didn’t want anybody physically beside me. What was my resolution then? One text message to my best friend and I was able to convince him to tag along. You must be wondering, how the heck can Robin tag along when he is continents away from me. Simple – skype. Modern technology has made it possible for my best friend (who currently resides in Canada) to walk the busy streets of Bangkok with me late in the evening while assuring me that I am nowhere close to crazy.

Since I was using my phone, the connection sucked big time. Video quality was grainy and the audio was not ideal (not to mention that we were disconnected several times), but it was tolerable enough that I was able to introduce him to Pi Puna and to some of my favorite nooks in the Phahonyothin area such as the noodle stall I have recently discovered, the buzzing hawkers in the odd side of the street, and that all too familiar foot bridge in front of the Seven Eleven shop. I was not able to show him Acoustic Coffee though because the place was packed and I knew that it will be difficult to talk to him once we were inside.  We skipped that part of the walk and hopped to Major Cineplex Ratchayothin instead, so I can just buy a chocolate bubble tea in replacement for the cappuccino that I was not going to have.

Skypeing with RobinOther friends might not be too keen on wasting their time doing this lame excuse of a ‘saturdate’ with me but not my best friend. He will never say no, most especially when I am having one of my episodes; which is probably why it was best to spend it with him than with anyone else. He can handle whatever I throw his way and brush it off because he knows me too well.

I can pick my nose in front of him. I have no qualms of farting when he is around just as long as I tell him in advance of what he will be up against. He has smelled my feet after walking for hours and even though he told me they were stinky, the comment didn’t feel like an insult at all. He has even plucked those irritating armpit hairs (and put up with my giggling which made the task even longer to accomplish) but never criticized how my pits looked like (my armpits are not my best assets you know). He has seen me at my ugliest and still told me I was beautiful. He has put up with my fickleness and accepted the fact that I will forever be changing my mind about a lot of things. The point is, he is an extension of who I am and talking to him felt like talking to myself. I didn’t have to be someone else. Heck, I can even confidently undo my lies without worrying that he’ll be mad at me. However, he has bluntly commented that he has detected my tactic of telling him the truth years after I have said the lie. The possible negative impact of a lie in our friendship, it seemed, expires after a year so if I told him the truth years after, the lie just didn’t matter anymore.


The walk ended while I was handing my ticket over for inspection to the movie theater crew. Robin thought of watching the movie Now You See Me (which was surprisingly good!) for free with me because my video camera was on while we were skypeing but unfortunately, my phone battery died.  I wasn’t even able to say goodbye properly.

Anyway, my night didn’t end as sadly as how the day started. I should do this more often. Maybe Robin and I can have our next walk in Australia like how we planned. Let’s hope that this plan will happen this time. If it doesn’t, well there’s always Canada. If Canada doesn’t happen, there’s always something else somewhere that can just happen spontaneously like that ridiculous wedding in front of Oble. The experience may not be similar but it can be as interesting.

IMG_20120820_002821 Thank you for keeping your promise, for always being there for me.

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