Signed, Sealed And Will Soon To Be Delivered

It is close.

Again, I am still amazed at how successfully the project turned out. I have announced to  friends that the donations I have received last Friday will be the last ones and that I will not be accepting any more of their gifts thereafter in fear that I might pay for excess baggage. Today, I officially (and literally) closed the “A Box of Help” project and I couldn’t thank the people who contributed enough.


I am so excited to see the girls’ reaction when I will hand them the box. Actually, not just a box because there were so many donations and that I placed some, the ones that I couldn’t ram in the box, in my trolley. I thought I could just sacrifice a few clothes and maybe borrow from co-volunteers once I get there. I’m sure they can spare a few. I’ll just bring what is necessary.

What thrilled me even more was the fact that I was bringing practical things like packs of shampoo, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Also, there were pencils, color pencils, rubber erasers, rulers, notebooks, sketch pads, and pencil sharpeners. The food and treats were an additive to an already generous parcel. I knew that the girls will be able to utilize all of them.


I have yet to weigh the box and my luggage. I am keeping fingers crossed and that I will stay within the 40 kilo range.

Before I end this article, I would like to thank these generous people for their donations. Again, thank you very much. The project wouldn’t be this successful without your aid.

Suwimol Kantakorn

Sarintorn Intharakumnerd and family

Kanuengnit and Kitthada Nakasont

Ace Bombaes

Scott Brown

Minerva Burgo

Ma. Pamela Santos

Schennette and Sa-ngiam Lertjiraratong

Punchalee Taweerittanawong

Jiranapa Traesung

Pinanong Prosiri

Teacher Bat

God bless you all.

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