Stamped From Mongolia: China

I have not really received any postcards in the past months but I can’t complain since I have not been diligently sending some, nor have I been able to publish the twenty-one other postcards that I have received in the last two years. Today though, I received the postcard that a travelling buddy had promised to send after I told him that I will no longer be accompanying him in the planned China-Mongolia adventure. I thought that if I can’t  make my Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors dream come true this year, I can at least get a souvenir from someone who had actually experienced their beauty.


The Great Wall in China.

True to his word, Jean-Michel sent a Great Wall postcard and without leaving out Mongolia, he sent this postcard from Ulaan Bataar. I found this quite thoughtful since it somehow gave me the feeling that I was still part of the adventure.  I wanted to be there and I have been dreaming of this since the first time I saw Daffy Duck dig his way from California to China in the Bugs Bunny  show; and although I have been to the other parts of China, to be mesmerized by the magnificence of this series of fortifications, that ran from the east to west across the northern borders which protected the Chinese empire from forcible intrusions, is still the out-of-the-ordinary experience I still looked forward to.

I was envious of my friend and his travels. In fact, I made this very clear to him and even bid him bad luck; but he just laughed this off and assured me that I’ll have my opportunity one day and that I might even have a grander time. Of course, he was just saying this to make me feel better and reading his note at the back, it seemed it like he was still at it. He is right about one thing though, after all that he has seen and yet to see, I was the one missing in the picture.


This dream is obviously not happening soon but when I get my turn, I’ll return the favor but a postcard of Mongolia stamped in China this time.

Thank you, Jean-Michel for the postcard and yes, hurrah to my apartment’s balcony in Bangkok. Smile

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