Still On That Unplanned Backpacking Trip: Thailand-Cambodia (Leg 2)

Upon arrival in Siem Reap, Cambodia, we settled at Bou Savy Guest House, a family-owned inn that is conveniently located five minutes away from the main road but secluded enough so that guests can enjoy the quiet comfort. My friend, Doi, was the one who made the reservation while we were in the Philippines and I take my hats off to her. The inn was perfect not just because of our tight budget, but it was perfect because the staff were so friendly, their food were priced reasonably and there was a 24-hour wireless connection! As you well know, WiFi is a must-have for every blogger. If you have opted not to bring your laptop during your travel then they have about 4-5 computers near the restaurant that you can utilize for free. We have decided to take advantage of their $75-dollar package which included the room, free breakfast for 4 days, 1 free dinner, and a 2-day tour to all of Angkor’s temples. Not bad, right?

bou savy

3 mugs of their yummy banana milk shake were waiting for us

Anyway, if you decide to visit Cambodia’s Siem Reap then I would suggest that you make arrangements with Bou Savy Guesthouse. I’m quite certain that the staff will be very happy to answer any queries you may have.

Did I mention that the guest house is just 15 minutes away from the Angkor Night Market? It is and that was why after our dinner, tired as we were, we still dragged our feet to explore the place.


Yes, it’s the usual scene – stalls of all sorts with goods that you may need to walk away from, but others you may need to give in to. You can find everything here – paintings, buddha statues, dresses, shirts, scarves, bangles, necklaces, etc. Just name it and I assure you, you can find it here. Some items may be reasonably priced while some may make your eyes pop out; but the best thing about places like this is you can haggle until the shop keeper gives in. Key action plan when haggling is to learn the art of walking away. Yes, it’s the same as the kind of drama you pull when you have a fight with your lover and pretend that you want ‘out’ when in truth, you just wanted that person to give in to what you wanted in the first place. Complete that package with being thick-skinned then you can out-haggle any vendor in the market.


Take note that the currency in Cambodia is riel but the vendors would more often than usual quote their prices in US dollars. That should give you an even clearer picture of how many tourists visit the country; so when I mentioned that there were so many foreigners visiting the country in my Leg 1 entry, I was not exaggerating. They say it was cheaper to pay using the country’s denominations but I never really bothered because I was too lazy to the conversion. When I haggled, I haggled in dollars – it was more convenient.

Ed haggling

obviously, Ed still needed to practice the art of haggling

Angkor Night Market is also a food and massage haven. Massage rates would dip as low as 1 USD but since it was our first day, we opted not to take advantage of this until the last day of our trip.


Food, on the other hand, was another matter. We just couldn’t pass up the chance to try the famous banana and egg roti that the locals were bragging about. It was a nice treat while we continued walking around the market but watching the man who cooked the roti was even more interesting. Oh those hands, those noble hands were doing the ninja moves with that delicate dough which I easily mistook as a face mask.



Time to call it a night, this is the end of Leg 2. Temple Tours start on my Leg 3 entry. Until then.

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